Zendaya’s Net Worth Is Truly The Definition Of Euphoria (2024)

Zendaya is, like, one of the most impressive 26-year-olds on the planet. In September 2020, she made history as the youngest person ever to win an Emmy for Best Actress in a Drama Series for her role as Rue in HBO’s Euphoria. This actor is so well loved and the general consensus is that she deserves everything in the world, so it’s not even upsetting to learn that she’s worth literally millions and millions.

When you hear everything the actor slash singer slash designer has accomplished in her brief time on Earth, you’re definitely going to want to take a page out of her book. Got your notebook ready? Let’s do this.

She Worked Her Way Up

Before Zendaya danced into our lives on Shake It Up, she starred in commercials for Sears and even appeared in a Kidz Bop music video.

She’s Got That Disney Money

Zendaya’s career really exploded in 2010. After landing a starring role on Disney’s Shake It Up, she acted in tons of video shorts and two Disney movies until she eventually moved on to play the titular role in K.C. Undercover. However, it wasn’t until just five years ago in 2018 that Zendaya and Disney Channel parted ways and she moved on to the next chapter of her life. But you better believe she’s still raking in residual money from the network.

Not to Mention That Space Jam Paycheck

In case you didn’t already know, Zendaya voiced Lola Bunny in Space Jam: A New Legacy, which is already pretty epic in and of itself considering how iconic the cartoon character is. And if you thought that the opportunity to get cast in the role was a big deal, just wait until you hear what the movie’s budget was, lol. Per Forbes, the latest installment of the Space Jam franchise had a budget of $150 million (£124m), which is…well, huge, to say the least. TBD on what slice of that pie Zendaya got, but it better have been big.

And She’s Got Those Home Box Office Funds

In addition to that Space Jam moolah, Zendaya has most notably taken on more mature and artistic roles like that of Rue in Euphoria. And with season 2’s record-breaking stats, it’s easy to see why the show is definitely one of the actor’s biggest projects to date. Although Zendaya’s Euphoria salary isn’t publicly known, in a recent column for his newsletter, Puck’s Matthew Belloni reported that Zendaya—who btw has won the Outstanding Lead Actress Emmy for both (!!) Euphoria seasons—“just closed a big re-negotiation” with HBO that puts her salary at around $1 million (£830k) per episode. I mean, seeing as Zendaya plays the titular character in the series and is an executive producer on the project, it’s safe to say she def deserves that paycheck 📈📈📈.

Oh, and Don’t Forget About Marvel

When it comes to the big screen, Zendaya has starred in three hit Spider-Man movies alongside Tom Holland, which equals BANK. Just how much bank exactly? Well, it was reported back in February 2022 that the most recent Spider-Man movie up to that point, Spider-Man: No Way Home, paid her $10 million (£8.3m) just in bonuses alone *pauses for dramatic effect*. Sooo you can only imagine how much she got paid for the series total. Z also blessed her fans with roles in The Greatest Showman, Dune, and Malcolm & Marie, which was purchased by Netflix for $30 million (£25m).

Her Music Maketh More Money

In 2013, Zendaya released a self-titled album, which she followed up with a bop called “Something New” with a man whose name we don’t speak in this household. Plus, she has an amazing song on the Euphoria soundtrack (if you haven’t listened to “All for Us” recently, go take care of that rn). Zendaya has yet to release a sophom*ore album, but that’s okay because I’ll happily allow “Replay” to live in my mind rent-free as she continues to collect her streaming cheques.

And She Has Some Casual Mansions

Zendaya has tied up some of her money in real estate investments, as ya do when you’re rich (so I would assume!!). In 2017, she dropped $1.4 million (£1.2m) for a home in Northridge, a suburb of Los Angeles. Then in March 2020, she paid $4 million (£3.3m) for a fancy place in Encino, another neighborhood in L.A. Here’s a glimpse of her gorgeous backyard if you want to know what paradise looks like:

Fans Invest in Her Style

Before she had her super-lucrative and stylish Tommy Hilfiger collabs, the multi-hyphenate celeb had Daya by Zendaya—a gender- and size-inclusive clothing line that launched alongside an app. TBH, shout-out to Z for being ahead of the curve before a bunch of other brands got a clue.

At the time, Zendaya spoke about her vision and said:

“This [diversity] is the future. You can’t stop it. It’s going where it’s going, so I choose to be with the future. I’m not living in the past, I don’t want to go back—I don’t want to ‘make America great again.’ No, no, no. I’m going forward, so this clothing line is kind of the physicalization of that.”

The actor also partnered with Boohoo in 2018 to curate a collection of Z-approved designs that fans could purchase at more accessible prices.

Zendaya Has Lent Her Face to Tonnes of Brands

Aside from her Hilfiger designs, Zendaya partners with some of the most prestigious labels and companies in the game. In 2015, Barbie made a Zendaya doll (okay, not not jealous). Then in 2016, she became the face of CoverGirl. And in 2019, Lupita Nyong’o welcomed her into the Lancôme family, where she fronted the Idôle fragrance campaign. Tbh, there’s no doubt she’s still raking in money from that deal. More recently, Z has been the face of BVLGARI—a partnership that has allowed us to get STUNNING looks like this:

Damn, do we love to see it!

She Somehow Has Time to Write Books and Guest-Judge Too

Little, Brown Books for Young Readers Between U and Me: How to Rock Your Tween Years with Style and Confidence

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Let me remind you that Zendaya wrote an inspirational book called Between U and Me: How to Rock Your Tween Years With Style and Confidence and was a guest judge on Project Runway. Oh, and she also had a stellar go on Dancing With the Stars, where celebs are said to make up to $295,000 per! episode!!

Cool, So What’s Zendaya’s Total Net Worth?

No surprise—all that hard work adds up to a sh*t ton of money. According to Celebrity Net Worth, Zendaya is worth a whopping $20 million (£17m)! And that’s not even counting the birthday money I plan on contributing to whatever fashion line she blesses us with next!

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Zendaya’s Net Worth Is Truly The Definition Of Euphoria (2024)
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