20 Awesome DIY Sensory Bags For Toddlers That They Will love (2024)

Have you tried making your kids sensory bags? Making your own sensory bags is an easy craft and kids love playing with the squishy, swooshy sensory toys. Today we have a list of our favorite DIY sensory bags for babies, toddlers and preschoolers.

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Sensory Bags for Babies, Toddlers & Preschoolers

If you’re looking for inspiration or a new idea to try, here is a huge list of sensory bags to make.

What Is A Sensory Bag?

I think the big question is though, what is a sensory bag?

A sensory bag is a great way to get infants and toddlers to investigate and learn about the world around them by observing objects and textures by stimulating their 5 senses which are:

  • Touch
  • Smell
  • Hearing
  • Sight
  • Taste

What are the benefits of sensory bags for babies?

Grant it, you may not always use them all with every sensory bag or sensory bins. But sensory play is vital in developing a number of skills like: sensory input, fine motor skills, language skills, etc.

What age do you start using sensory bags?

Always supervise baby play with sensory bags. You can literally use sensory bags from birth as a part of play with baby. At first, baby may just react to the touch, temperature or stimulation but as your baby grows he/she will get more interactive with the experience. A babies curiosity will keep them engaged with the sensory play.

What is a Sensory Bag for?

A sensory bag is an easy homemade sensory experience for your child to increase their sensory input in a fun, colorful and portable way. It is another fun toy and sensory experience for your child.

How do you Make a Sensory Bag Last?

The biggest problem with making a sensory bag last is leaking! The best way to combat that is to reinforce the plastic bag seams and closure with packing, washi or duct tape. Also store them in a place where they won’t be disturbed without anything on top of them.

What Age are Sensory Bags for?

As a supervised activity, you can start with sensory bags as soon as your baby is reaching for things within the first few months of life. Kids will like to interact with sensory bags because they feel good to touch through childhood, but the common age for sensory bag use with kids is 3 months to 4 years of age.

How to Make a Sensory Bag

But, the great thing is, most sensory bags are super easy to make and can be made at home!

Sensory bags can be made in a matter of minutes with these easy steps:

  1. Grab a heavy duty plastic bag that zips to seal like a Ziploc freezer bag.
  2. Add a liquid or gel — not too little and not too much.
  3. Add sensory textures and toys.
  4. Seal the bag and reinforce with extra tape.

What ingredients are in a sensory bag?

Just grab a plastic bag, tape, liquids, gels, goos, and paints, and small items to stick into them. A lot of these items you can find at the dollar store if you’re on the budget.

Side note: get rid of excess air or your sensory bag could pop and no toys with sharp edges!

What liquid do you put in sensory bags?

The most common liquid used in DIY sensory bags to make it squishy is hair gel. Grab this in bulk at a discount store, dollar store or beauty supply.

20 Sensory Bags That are Easy To Make

1. Ocean Sensory Bag

This fun bag looks just the deep blue ocean! It is blue, sparkly, and filled with plastic sea turtles and starfish. Water beads would also be fun to add different textures I think. It would make this ocean theme sensory exploration a little more fun. via Kids Activities Blog

2. Fall Sensory Play

This is so fun and festive for fall. Plus, it is super pretty. Silk leaves, sparkles, leave confetti, and the gel is a lovely gold color. This is one of the more fun ideas for little ones to enjoy autumn and the changing world during. via Fun Littles

3. DIY Water Blob

Making a DIY water blob is a great way to let your child explore. Even the little ones can play with this fun sensory bag. Plus it is simple, water and small bath toys are really all you need. via Kids Activities Blog

4. Halloween Sensory Play

Here are three fun bags for Halloween that your kids will love! They’re spooky and unique. Purple, orange, and green with sparkles, spiders, and eyes! This is the perfect way to celebrate Halloween scaring your little guy or little girl. via Plain Vanilla Mom(link unavailable)

5. Squishy Eyes

These squishy eyes are fun to play with. Orange and gooey, this bag is perfect for Halloween! via Hands On As We Grow

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More Sensory Bag Ideas

6. Watermelon Squishy

This squishy bag looks and feels like the inside of a watermelon. What a fun way to play without making a mess! via Fantastic Fun and Learning

7. Salt Dough Sensory Bag

Flattened playdough and a few shiny pom poms make a fun baby activity. I might add a little more liquid to make the salt dough a little softer for this sensory activity. via Simple Fun For Kids

8. Nature Sensory Bag

Use things you find outside on a nature walk to make this fun suncatcher sensory bag. Grab some flowers, some leaves, grass, acorns would be fun, and don’t forget the gel! via Hands On As We Grow

9. Sensory Lava Lamp

This is so fun – who doesn’t love lava lamps. You can make your own little lava lamp bag that glows! This requires baby oil and paint, and of course a ziplock bag. via Growing A Jeweled Rose

10. Toddler Christmas Tree

Perfect for the holidays, make this Christmas tree sensory bag! They can move the beads, gems, and glitter in the gel to decorate their own Christmas tree. I would use one of the larger freezer bag for this. That way they can have more room to move the ornaments around the entire bag. via Mom Inspired Life

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Fun DIY Sensory Bags

11. Goo Sensory Activity

Play with goo without making a huge mess. This bag is so fun for little hands. Add beads and glitter to give it more texture. via Hello Bee

12. Sparkly Snow

This sensory bag is so awesome, and perfect for winter! Plus, it has sparkles! Sparkles are the best! via Growing A Jeweled Rose

13. Star Sensory Bag

This is beautiful and looks like the night sky. So fun. It’s filled with sparkles and sparkly stars. via Learning And Exploring Through Play

14. Magnetic Polkadot Preschool Activity

Inspired by the book Press Here, this is one of my favorite sensory bags ever! via Mama Papa Bubba

15. Snowflake Bag

Perfect for winter, this snowflake bag is so much fun. via B-Inspired Mama

20 Awesome DIY Sensory Bags For Toddlers That They Will love (4)

16. Winter Bag

This winter sensory bag is perfect for the snowy months. Fill it with confetti, hair gel, sparkles, and pom poms! via A Little Pinch of Perfect

17. Red Sensory Activities

This activity goes with the book Ten Red Apples, and is fun for little hands. via I Can Teach My Child

18. Squish Sensory Bags

This one is edible! It’s made with icing and gelatin. How sweet! You don’t see too many squishy bags kids can taste, but this is the best thing. Let them play with the filled ziploc bag, then let them touch and taste the goo. via Stay At Home Educator

19. Motor Skill Practice Bag

Learn to write, trace, and find images with this fun motor skill practice bag. For a fun pre-writing activity, make these sensory bags! via Pre-School Play

20. Grinch Glitter Bag

Watch the Grinch Stole Christmas this holiday and then make this fun bag! via Growing A Jeweled Rose

20 Awesome DIY Sensory Bags For Toddlers That They Will love (5)

More Fun Sensory Activities from Kids Activities Blog

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  • Sensory processing might look different for each person.
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  • We’ll teach you how to make a weighted lap buddy that helped my child with their sensory processing difficulties.
  • Looking for more things to do? Try these free easy crafts!
  • We have so many great ideas to make the best busy bags for your little one.

Which of these sensory bags did your kids enjoy playing with the most? Let us know in the comments below, we’d love to hear!

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Now, let's dive into the concepts mentioned in this article.

Sensory Bags:

A sensory bag is a homemade sensory experience for children that allows them to explore different textures and objects by stimulating their five senses: touch, smell, hearing, sight, and taste. Sensory bags are squishy and swooshy toys that kids love to play with [[1]].

Benefits of Sensory Bags for Babies:

Sensory play, including the use of sensory bags, is vital for the development of various skills in babies and young children. It helps with sensory input, fine motor skills, language skills, and more. Sensory bags provide infants and toddlers with opportunities to investigate and learn about the world around them [[1]].

Age to Start Using Sensory Bags:

Sensory bags can be used with babies from birth as part of their playtime. Initially, babies may react to the touch, temperature, or stimulation provided by the sensory bags. As they grow, they become more interactive and curious, engaging with the sensory play experience [[1]].

Making a Sensory Bag Last:

One challenge with sensory bags is the possibility of leaking. To make a sensory bag last longer, it is recommended to reinforce the plastic bag seams and closure with packing, washi, or duct tape. Additionally, storing the bags in a place where they won't be disturbed and without anything on top of them can help prevent damage [[1]].

Ingredients in a Sensory Bag:

To make a sensory bag, you will need a heavy-duty plastic bag that zips to seal, such as a Ziploc freezer bag. You can add liquids or gels, such as hair gel, as well as sensory textures and toys. It is important to ensure that there are no sharp edges on the toys and to remove excess air from the bag to prevent it from popping [[1]].

Examples of Sensory Bags:

This article includes a list of 20 DIY sensory bags with various themes and materials. Some examples include an ocean sensory bag, fall sensory play bag, DIY water blob, Halloween sensory play bags, squishy eyes bag, and many more. These sensory bags can be made at home using simple materials and are designed to provide engaging sensory experiences for children [[1]].

I hope this information helps you understand the concept of sensory bags and provides some inspiration for creating your own sensory bags for children. Let me know if there's anything else I can assist you with!

20 Awesome DIY Sensory Bags For Toddlers That They Will love (2024)
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