Whatever the future holds (Millions Knives x Fem!Reader) - Sweet_peach_tea (2024)

It’s been weeks of wandering aimlessly across No Man’s Land’s infinite desert. The intense heat makes your mind hazy as you dryly lick your chapped lips. You ran out of water and food days ago after having a run in with some of the Bad Lads gang. Now, the only thing that’s moving you is your intense will. Your sole desire for the past few years was to die.

To die at the hands of a man called Knives.


Going back to your early childhood, you lived in a fairly well off settlement with plants powering the lives of many people. It wasn’t as massive as the city of July but it was fairly well off despite not being one of the major Seven Cities. Life was peaceful with your family. Until you were kidnapped at age seven.

The next six years were a blur of pain and darkness. Bright white rooms with blinding lights surround you at least once a day. You’re strapped down to a cold metal operating table, the stench of copper emanating off of it and the surrounding floor fills your nose as you add to the red mess with your own blood. You suffer electric shocks, chemical filled syringes, endless stress tests, surgery after surgery, torture and torment day in and day out.

In the name of science. For the good of humanity. For the survival of the future. That’s what the scientists would say. What those bastards preached at you while they sliced you open, wide awake, and tore out your insides, broke your bones and ripped apart your flesh. They broke you over and over again with their experiments and then tossed you into a tiny room with nothing and waited until you were “recovered” enough for another test.

They changed your body, morphed you into something inhuman. You only ever got glimpses of your prison when going back and forth between your cage and the experiment room. Always pushed around strapped to a wheelchair and gagged so you couldn’t make a sound. There were others like you. Strapped down and carted around by multiple guards and doctors. Others you saw were dead, carried out in trash bags from the experiment room you were going into.

Their bodies were disfigured and morphed into a moth-like alien, only extremely shriveled up and decaying rapidly. It wouldn’t be until much later in your years of experiments that you realized what these insane scientists were attempting. Why you could suddenly heal faster, were less hungry or thirsty during mealtimes, why you seemed to hit a growth spurt early on despite being malnourished and then suddenly stopped aging once you became a young woman.

They were attempting to create hybrid humans. Beings that no longer needed to rely on Plants for survival. That’s what you were turning into. But their experiments only went further into insanity. They were trying with a special few, to morph the experiments into fully formed Plants in order to power further experiments. And that special few included you.

You could feel yourself changing as time passed. Dreading each moment you were awake and wanting it all to end. You didn’t give a damn about the future of humanity, not after what they’d done to you. You didn’t even consider yourself a human anymore and it was all because of them. You prayed and pleaded for some god, some higher power, to come and kill you. To slaughter all the scientists and guards and kids who were also praying for death and put an end to your suffering.

And one day. Your savior finally arrived.

Alarms blared outside your dark cell and you could hear gunfire and shouting. Screams of agony and cries for mercy were cut short with bloody gurgles and heavy thuds as what you could only assume were bodies falling to the floor. You carefully stood up and made your way through the darkness towards the noise. Your door eventually burst open as guards rushed in and grabbed you alongside a few scientists clutching large metal briefcases and files.

You screamed at the top of your lungs and fought against them as they tried to tie you up and sedate you. You kept struggling even as the chemicals spread through your veins and you started to lose feeling in your body. Your eyelids started to feel heavy and you couldn’t resist as much. That’s when you see a scientist fly down the hallway and splatter against a wall, a strange metal chain sticking out of their chest before disappearing into thin air. The rest of the people around you start experiencing the same thing, being pierced by the metal and dying instantly. You do your best to keep your eyes from closing as you glance up at a guard next to you firing wildly at the intruder.

That’s when you see a long chain of silvery knives cleanly slice the guard into pieces, blood spraying out as the body of the once living guard processes the death and showering you in the warm liquid. You hear footsteps coming towards you but you can’t seem to move from your wheelchair, your body gone numb and you’re unable to lift your head up as it becomes harder to stay awake.

A cold finger pressed under your chin and tilts your head up. You force your eyes to open to see who it is as a handsome face comes into focus. His platinum blond hair is brushed away from his face and his pale skin is like smooth porcelain. A single beauty mark sits at the outer corner of his right eye, eyes that are a cold, icy blue. They pierce into you as if reading your very soul as his lips pull into a faint smile, his eyes softening into something you hadn’t seen in a long time. A look of pity.

It takes every bit of strength for you to move your lips, mouthing words but no voice comes out. Still, he seems to read your mind as the chains of knives from before start to sprout from his back.

“Rest now,” he whispers to you in a deep, angelic voice as the knives pierce your chest. You don’t feel the pain at first, the razor-sharp blades cutting through you as if you were merely air. Only when he pulls the knives from your body and blood explodes from your open wounds do your eyes well up with tears and you feel your heart beating wildly in your chest, forcing more blood to spray out and color the man’s futuristic silver and white suit a scarlet red.

“Thank… You…” you whisper weakly, finally allowing your eyes to fall shut as you feel the hands of death reaching out to take you.

The last thing you hear is a faint voice calling out a name and the man who saved you calling back in resposne.

Knives, you think to yourself. Thank you.


Your recollection of the past fades as you see a structure in the distance. A settlement you could possibly rest at and get more supplies. As you make your way closer, you notice sand clouds and smoke surrounding the settlement. Suddenly, an explosion goes off and you quickly cover your eyes to stop the flash from blinding you. As you slowly peek out from behind your hands, you see the structure coming undone as if something had taken a large knife to it. Adrenaline floods your body as you start to run. You clutch your chest, feeling your heart beating away under the large scars from all those years ago.

He was here. You’d finally caught up to him. The perfect destruction of buildings as crumbled in the sand, shaking the earth under your feet as you sprinted towards it. You couldn’t forget coming so close to him at the last city you’d stopped in. It was by complete coincidence that he and his followers destroyed the town you were hiding in after you escaped the experimental facility and your supposed death. You didn’t get a chance to see him back then, only his knives as they cut through everything and rendered the town to rubble.

This time you would be sure to see him. You’d get on your knees and bow down in his ethereal presence. You’d devote yourself to him, promise eternal and unwavering loyalty to him and his desires. And if he refused your submission, you’d ask him to kill you. This time for good.

Your heart was racing as you neared the edges of the crumbling settlement, rushing past dead and injured bodies, continuing towards the destruction that was still occurring on the other side of town. You could hardly contain yourself as you saw a figure in the distance wearing a large white cloak. Their back was facing you and the large hood was pulled up so you couldn’t see their face but by some force you could sense it. It was him.

You’re about to call out to him when an old man in a dark suit and thick glasses reaches out and grabs you by your tattered cloak.

“Who are you? What are you doing here?”

“Let go of me! I want to see him! Please, I need to speak with Knives!”

“Are you out of your mind girl?! Do you have no shame?! Master Knives isn’t someone you can request to meet with on a whim!”

You try your best to push past the older man but somehow, he keeps catching you and stops you from going any further.

“Please! Please! Let me see him! I need to see him he’s the only one! He’s the only one who can save me!”

“Doctor, what’s making all this noise?” A younger man with dark blue hair swept over the right side of his face appears from between two fallen buildings. You and the doctor turn to look at him and you feel a sudden pressure weighing down your body. The doctor releases you and its as if gravity has doubled and you fall to your knees, trying your best to stay up but the force only increases and forces you onto your stomach, your face hitting the sand. The pressure lifts from your head only as the man crouches next to you and turns your head to look up at him.

“Are you one of the people living in this town,” the man with the blue hair asks, a condescending smirk on his face. His eyes showing a desire for violence.

“No I’m not. I’m here to see the man called Knives. I need to see him before he disappears again! Please let me go I need to speak with him!”

You struggle against the pressure, your anxiety and trauma from the experiments building up at the familiar feeling of being unable to move. You can’t stop yourself from screaming out the man’s name in a panic, your last attempt to draw his attention. You had no idea where he was, or if he could even hear you. But desperation consumed your thoughts. You needed to see him. Everything would be fine again so long as you could meet him again.

“Release her.”

You and the two men look towards the familiar voice that spoke. You see a tall cloaked figure walking towards you, their face still covered by the large hood reminiscent of a bubble that sways with every step. The pressure you feel on your body fades from everywhere except your ankles and feet so you couldn’t stand up or move from your spot as the blue haired man kneels next to you and bows his head towards the figure. The old man in the suit, or the doctor as he was called earlier, stepped back and took off his hat, bowing his head as the figure lowered his hood and looked down at you.

Those familiar, cold and calculating eyes had not changed. His face hadn’t aged a second from what you remembered. He truly must be a god or at the very least a being formed in the image of a god. You quickly recollect yourself upon realizing you’d been staring at him for way too long to be considered an accident. You quickly sit on your heels and bow your head to the ground at his feet in reverence.

“Knives- no Master Knives! I beg of you, let me join you and help you in any way I can. You saved me once before from that awful place full of scientists doing experiments to create Plants. I was the one in the wheelchair who asked you to kill me. I don’t know how I survived but I have nowhere else to go or any purpose to live for. So please, my life is yours to do as you see fit. You can even kill me right now if you want to. Cut my head off with your knives, slice me open so all my organs fall out for the bugs, chop me into little pieces so there’s no way I survive. Please Master Knives. Let me devote myself to you.”

There’s a moment of silence after you blurted out everything you could think of. You can feel Knives gazing down at you, once again peering into your mind and soul. You wondered if he even remembered you. A part of you doubted that he would, you didn’t look the same, having aged a couple more years after escaping and grown your hair out. There must’ve also been hundreds of other people experimented on that he killed- no, saved from that awful hell that day. For you to be so arrogant as to assume he’d remember a pitiful thing like yourself is giving yourself too much credit and-

“Lift your head.”

You hesitate for a moment wondering if you heard right before quickly looking up at him, giving him a clear view of your face. Oh how you wished you’d taken a moment to clean yourself up and look more presentable for this unexpected reunion.

“Ah yes, you were the one surrounded by the group of terrified humans. It is peculiar how you were able to survive my angel arms.”

He leaned down and you felt something cold brush against your cheek before a stinging pain seeped into your skin. While you were begging for him to acknowledge you, his knives had surrounded you and were closing in. You wondered if he was going to kill you. You wouldn’t be surprised if he skewered you right then and there.

“I see. I knew something was… different … about you. I couldn’t quite put my finger on it back then but now that you offered yourself to me, I don’t see why not.”

“What are you saying Master Knives? Are you suggesting that the girl could be useful to us?” The doctor seemed to be speaking while Knives continued to observe you, cupping his chin thoughtfully. You felt something prodding the back of your mind, like a hand reaching out and stroking the surface of your thoughts very lightly but it quickly disappeared as he spoke.

“What’s your name?”

“Y/N. But you can change it if you don’t think it suits me.”

“No, Y/N will do fine.” Knives glances to your side and the pressure holding your legs down fades away. The man with the blue hair grabs you by the arm and stands up, forcing you to your feet.

“Legato, take her with you back to the city. Make sure she gets a proper place to rest and cleaned up. She should be presentable by the time I get back. Doctor Conrad, come with me. We have something to discuss.”

With a flick of his wrist, Knives’ hood covers his face once more and he turns away, leaving you with the man named Legato as older Doctor Conrad follows Knives.

“Alright, come with me now,” Legato says curtly and you nod your head in obedience, following him closely as he leads you to a car parked on the outskirts of the now ruined settlement. You get inside, and admire the sleek interior as Legato begins to drive away. While crossing No Man’s Land, you process the short but eventful conversation you just had with Knives and it makes it feel like there are worms fluttering about inside your chest from excitement.

You place your hand over your scar, feeling your heart beating softly underneath and smile to yourself, now having something to live for, someone to look to and guide you in this bleak wasteland of a world. You gaze out at the vast, sandy horizon, imagining what wonderful destruction was awaiting you in the near future.


Gazing at yourself in the mirror, you spin and twist your body from side to side as you admire the sleek design of your new clothes. It’s a uniform similar to that of Legato’s, white pants tucked into a pair of black lace up boots that reach your knees. You wear a light blue, skin tight shirt underneath the cropped, white, collared uniform jacket with the sleeves cuffed neatly at your wrists.

Running your hand through your now washed and detangled hair, you realize how much you’d actually changed. From being seven years old to now - you couldn’t keep track of time very well inside the facility - you had grown and matured into a fine young lady. You might even consider yourself beautiful if it wasn’t for the years of being treated like a disgusting insect effecting your self-image.

Turning away from the mirror, you look around your room once more. It was a spacious room with a bathroom, a table and chair to eat meals at, a comfortable bed that wasn’t just a blanket on the hard floor, a closet to store all your new clothes and uniforms, and a large window with a gorgeous view of July.

Never in your wildest dreams did you see yourself coming to July. Especially during and after your kidnapping. But now you were here, in the highest tower looking down at all the humans running around. Existing peacefully. Happily. All without knowing the pain and suffering you had endured because of their greed. Because of their selfishness. Staring down at them like puny little parasites, the view of July soured in your mind as you turned away from the window.

You hadn’t realized but you were gripping your wrist in frustration, digging your nails into your skin so hard it cut through and started to bleed. Seeing your blood you started to calm down and went into the bathroom to wash it off. You couldn’t present yourself to Master Knives with all this turmoil in your head. Speaking of Knives, a knock on your door catches your attention.

“Y/N, come out. It’s time to meet Master Knives.” It was Legato’s voice. You’d learned a bit about him on the drive here, how he was also abused and abandoned by humans and aided Knives in their destruction. How he developed psychokinetic abilities that gave him the power to control and destroy humans like he’d used on you earlier. It was fascinating to hear about this man who was Knives’ right hand and the leader of the group you’d be joining. You had much to learn from his skills and experience, and his admirable devotion to Knives.

You pull on a pair of gloves, covering up your bleeding wrist and open the door to see Legato waiting for you alongside a shorter person with white hair, wearing an odd looking mask and what looked like foreign clothes. Remembering what Legato had told you about the people Knives associated with, this must be Zaza the Beast. A worm, or colony of worms really, that had been living on the planet since before the humans arrived. You paid them no mind however as Legato motioned for you to follow him and you made your way down the long corridor.

“Sooo, you must be the new gun Legato was talking about. Y/N was it? What made you come all the way here? Do you just like Knives that much?” The voice of a young boy came through the mask as the shorter person flew alongside you. It surprised you at first, the fact that they had suddenly sprouted wings and were flying, but from the way Legato seemed unfazed by it, you quickly normalized it.

“Yes, that’s right. I’ve been devoted to Master Knives for a long time. He saved me a couple years ago and ever since I’ve been looking for him so I can repay his kindness. Of course, there no way I could ever return his generosity in this lifetime or a million other lifetimes. He is a god amongst men, truly. And I want to follow him wherever he goes and make his dreams a reality, just like he did for me.”

The boy seemed unamused by your response but you didn’t care. What they thought about you didn’t matter, all you needed was Knives’ acknowledgement.

“I’ll never understand the way you humans think. So ready to obsess over things like other people and plants. It honestly looks pretty stupid when you throw yourself at other things just because you like it.”

“It’s not an obsession. It’s more like… believing in a religion. I’m just a follower devoting myself to the one who saved me. That’s all it is.”

“Whatever you say human. You’re boring me now, I have better things to get to. See you around.” With that, the boy bursts into a swarm of worms and flies away as Legato stops in front of a door and taps a code into a panel on the wall. The doors slide open and you enter, the sound of music filling the room.

You see Knives sitting at a large piano at the opposite end of the dome-like room, his hands flying across the length of the piano and fluttering over keys with expert precision and grace. The piece is intense and full of emotions you can’t quite name but have definitely felt before. You stand there quietly, admiring the music as Knives finishes his piece with a final chord that echos through your very core and settles there. You’re in awe, stunned into silence by the beauty of his playing.

Knives slowly stands up and turns to you and Legato, already having sensed your presence when you entered. Even from across the room you can feel his eyes on you and you do your best not to let your knees buckle from the pressure. You make your way over to Knives and bow to him like you saw Legato doing when you first met, holding your hand to your heart.

“Lift your head,” he says. You straighten out slowly, keeping your eyes slightly below his both out of respect and to keep yourself from falling into another trance from his beauty.

“Y/N, was it? Allow me to properly introduce myself to you now that we’re in a more comfortable place. I am Millions Knives.”

“It is a great pleasure to finally meet you again, Master Knives. Thank you again for accepting someone like me.”

“You’re very welcome. Legato, call in Doctor Conrad on your way out. I have something to discuss with Y/N.”

Legato nods his head and leaves the room. Now, you’re alone with Knives.

“Have a seat.” You nod and stand up, finding a chair behind you when there wasn’t one before. You don’t question it, instead focusing on sitting up straight and keeping your legs neatly together, resting your hands in your lap.

“Now then, I have some questions for you. The most curious of which is, what are you?”

You blink a couple of times in confusion and try to not let it show on your face but he catches it nonetheless and chuckles. Oh how his laughter sounds like a hypnotic, tantalizing melody just like his music.

“I’ve been trying to figure out whether you’re human or Plant. Like me, I may have a human face but I’m nothing like those pests. The Plants you see powering cities just like this one, I am the same as them. They are my sisters, if it makes things easier to understand. And while you are human, I also sense the power of a Plant inside of you, however small it might be. I’ve been wondering why that is. Care to explain?”

The fear and pain of remembering what happened to you bubbles up and you hesitate for a moment. But one look at Knives’ expectant face, his eyes focused on you and only you in this moment, it calms you in a way you’ve never felt before. It feels like all the negative thoughts fade away and you relax, your anxious grip on your pants releasing once you realized how stressed you were at the question.

You recount the events of your kidnapping and share any bit of information you can remember from your time at the facility. Divulging any and every minut detail from your times in your cell hearing the guards gossip outside your door or the ramblings of the scientists while they were dissecting you on the lab tables. It surprised you, how much of the information you managed to remember, but it felt like you had help. Like there was someone opening your mind like a book and feeding the words directly to your mouth for Knives to hear.

At the end of your story, Knives thanked you for your time and for being so helpful. He sent you off to your room to rest for the remainder of the night. That night you had a dream instead of a nightmare. Imagining your escapades with Knives, helping him achieve his goal of a future for Plants to become independents. Destroying corrupt cities, killing awful humans, saving other Plants, it was a lovely dream. When you woke up the next day, you almost thought meeting Knives was all a part of your dream. But you quickly realize it was reality as you sat up in your new bed next to the view of a morning sunrise over the city of July.


A year has passed since you joined Knives and the Gung-Ho-Guns. Your daily routine consists of having breakfast in your room before going to meet with Legato for your daily briefing. You then go out with other members of the guns to scout towns for plants and bring them back to July along with hunting down Vash the Stampede.

You’ve known about Vash for a while, even when you were a young child the people in your town would talk about how he saved their Plant once before you were born. But you never really understood why he was so special despite being wanted by the military. Then you grew to hate him as you returned to your town post-death and found it in ruins. Apparently, people hunting down Vash for his bounty had passed through, chasing the man and destroyed everything in the process.

Now, you had learned that Vash was Knives’ younger brother, and that they planned to capture him in order to save the Plants and produce more Independents like them. So you often asked locals about any recent Vash sightings in order to hunt him down and bring him to Knives.

Aside from finding Vash and Plants, you occasionally met with Doctor Conrad despite your ever present trauma for some medical experiments. At the command of Knives, the doctor examined you head to toe without being too invasive, taking samples of your body from your hair to your skin to many tubes of blood for testing to figure out how you were able to possess the abilities of a Plant while remaining mostly human. And alive of course.

Apparently, the day Knives saved you when you were younger, they can come to the facility in order to take the Plants and to secure vast amounts of high-tech science equipment in order to conduct experiments themselves. Doctor Conrad was attempting to create humans that were similar to Knives, not needing to eat, drink, or really sleep in order to function. With high levels of intelligence and massive amounts of power. Being one of the survivors from that facility and so willing to assist Knives in any way you could, you grit your teeth and devoted yourself however you could to Doctor Conrad’s testing.

It was after one such day of checking your vitals and experimenting with some of your blood that you found yourself wanting to see Knives.

You had these urges more often now that you were so close to Knives, but you had to push it to the side due to how busy you were while acting out his will on the world. You remembered Knives played the piano often, and found yourself walking to the room as if something had possessed you. You stopped in front of the door and punched in the code to unlock it, stepping inside. You saw Knives sitting at the piano but there wasn’t any music. He also didn’t seem to sense you there which was odd, as he always seemed to know when you were nearby with his telepathic powers.

You walked over, hesitating to call out to him first until you were closer and he could sense you better when you saw that he was bleeding.

“Master Knives! Are you okay?!” You run over to him as fast as you could as he quickly turns to you, his angel arms materializing around him and aiming at you.

“DON’T COME ANY CLOSER!” He shouts, making you stumble and halt where you are just a few feet away from where he’s sitting. From here, you can see his wrist, there’s multiple cuts along the inside of his forearm and one of his knives hovering over the piano, the blade stained red.

“Master Knives… Can I ask what happened?”

He doesn’t respond and for a while you both remain in utter silence. Neither of you moving, you’re almost afraid to breathe. When finally, the angel arms dissipate. You watch as Knives concentrates on his arm and the wounds begin to heal instantly, the cuts disappearing as if they were never there in the first place. Once he’s healed, Knives pulls the sleeve down on his bodysuit and stands up. He turns to you, his icy gaze glaring daggers at you and you remember that you showed up with no reason and came running towards him while he was in a vulnerable state.

You quickly fall to one knee, bowing your head low. “I’m so sorry Master Knives. It was incredibly rude of me to come to you unannounced. I just… something was telling me to find you and I was here before I even realized what I was doing. Please, forgive me.”

Knives continues to stare at you before letting out a sigh and sitting back down at the piano. He leans back, crossing one leg over the other as you continue to kneel before him. For the past year, or maybe before that, he had a sensation calling to him, but never knew what it was or where it came from. Ever since you joined the Gung-Ho-Guns, that sensation had been getting stronger and becoming more frequent. Something about you, you were different from both Plants and Humans. You were both of them and yet neither at the same time.

It confused him but that only served to fuel his curiosity even more. At times when he saw you speaking in the halls with Legato about a mission, or happened to pass you at a town while retrieving a new Plant, he wanted to grab you and dissect you. He wanted to search you inside and out for whatever it was that drew him to you. He often asked Doctor Conrad about the experiments you underwent to see if he could find any clue that would answer this ever present question.

Even now as he stared at you, there was a tingling sensation in his fingers, something crawling along his spine, a nudging in his brain. He wanted to listen to it. Answer it. It was telling him to cut you open and look inside. But a part of him refused. He didn’t want to hurt you because you reminded him of another Plant. And the other half of you, your human half, may not survive him injuring you so deeply again. He didn’t want to waste such potential on a simple urge. But said urge wasn’t going away.

The feeling was similar to all the times he felt the need to hurt himself to keep from going insane and losing his mind. Ever since seeing the disfigured body of Tesla - the Independent before him and Vash stored in secret on their ship - he had the sudden urge to hurt himself even by a little bit. He often did it out of sight from Vash and Rem, and after growing older, he managed to substitute that urge by using his angel arms on the towns he took Plants from. So why did it start again? Why was the feeling so strong once you joined him?

His confusion and frustration were laid clearly on his face as he shuts his eyes in thought, his brows furrowed and his lips formed into a scowl. You hesitantly watched him, still kneeling as you waited for him to acknowledge you again. You could sense his distress, unsure of whether he was purposefully broadcasting his emotions to you through his telepathy or if it was on accident. Either way you could sense it, his desire to see blood.

“Master Knives…”

His eyes snap open and stare at you, making you tense up at his intense gaze. Swallowing your nerves, you steel yourself and meet his eyes.

“If there’s anything that’s bothering you, please, let me to help you. I’m devoted to you, my body is yours to do as you see fit. You can use me. You don’t need to hurt yourself.”

“What are you talking about Y/N? Are you saying I should take out my emotions on you?”

“Yes, if that will help, then I will gladly aide you.” You unbutton your coat and slide it off, folding it neatly and placing it next to you on the floor. You then turn around, lifting your t-shirt over your head and exposing your back to him. Looking over your shoulder, you set your shirt on top of your coat and smile, saying, “I’ve been through enough pain to know how much it hurts to feel a knife cut through your skin. It doesn’t sit right with me, seeing you harm yourself even if you can heal it quickly.”

Knives stares at you, almost looking stunned as his eyes widen a bit more than normal. It’s something you haven’t seen before and he looks rather cute, you can see the curiosity sparkle in his eyes as he considers your offer and what it entails. Suddenly, his expression darkens as he stands up, his angel arms manifesting as three long blades on his hand.

“Have you lost your mind, Y/N? You’re telling me that my knives, my namesake, are comparable to the flimsy pieces of metal those bugs use to experiment with?” There’s a low growl in his tone and you’re pretty sure you angered him as he slowly steps towards you.

“N-no that was not my intention. I d-didn’t mean to offend you.” You quickly look away from him and lower your head to the ground. Your body trembles with fear as you sense him getting closer and closer. The air around you grows cold as if all the warmth is being sucked out of the very atmosphere and you find it hard to take a full breath.

“Even so, do you really think that you, a mere human, can withstand my power? You’ve seen what I can do. You’ve even felt my knives rather intimately, or have you already forgotten that I killed you once before. I can easily do it again, and yet you have the audacity to tell me what to do. To pity me? Millions Knives? I am an independent! I am a god compared to you humans! Even if you have the abilities of a Plant, you’re still only a human!”

His voice grows louder and more agitated as he speaks. You feel pain in your back as he cuts your skin, his blades slicing deep into you as he swings his fist back and forth above you, causing waterfalls of blood to gush from your wounds. You grip your thighs, digging your fingers into yourself and bitting your bottom lip hard to keep from shouting in pain or crying out.

“Who do you think you are to judge me! I took you in when you groveled before me like another one of those filthy humans begging for me to spare their lives! I gave you everything you have along with my favor and now you dare to throw it back in my face?! I held my hand out to you when you asked for it and you took it! You were the one who needed pity! Not me! I saved you! I am your MASTER! I am your GOD! UNDERSTOOD?!

His voice booms and echos off the high walls and ceiling as you kneel on the floor trembling in a pool of warm blood. Tears sting your eyes as they run down your cheeks and you quietly sniffle, trying to clear your throat and lungs from the burning screams that remained trapped without making too much noise.

“I understand, Master Knives. I’m nothing in your presence. I’m only a servant meant to act out your wishes.”

The chill in the air fades and you somehow find the strength to move. You fold your arms over your chest, hugging yourself tightly as blood continues to seep from your back and dying your pants crimson.

“Good girl. Now then, take this and make sure to clean up.”

A small glass vial of blue liquid is placed in front of you by Knives’ angel arm and it easily slices the top open that you would normally have to break yourself. The small act of kindness after such brutal violence washes away all of the pain and fear you were feeling as you thank Knives and drink, feeling your body rabidly begin to heal as steam escapes your wounds from your cells rabidly regenerating and emitting heat.

“Tell Legato that I gave you the rest of the afternoon off. Feel free to visit the doctor if you’re still in pain, and be sure you’re ready to work tomorrow.”

“Yes. Thank you for your endless generosity.”

Knives waves you off as he leaves the room, the door sliding shut behind him. Sitting in the room now that it’s entirely quiet, you put your shirt and jacket back on and start to clean up. It’s a bit strange, washing away a pool of your own blood that would normally be enough to drown a man. And yet you had no pain and were no closer to death than when you woke up that morning. You didn’t question it for long however as you decided to meet Doctor Conrad to refill your blood just in case and headed back to your room to rest.


It was close to midnight in Knives’ room and he was still awake pacing the floor. He didn’t normally sleep, not needing it as much unlike his brother Vash, but this night in particular made him especially restless. His thoughts were running wild like never before as all sort of questions and ideas swarmed his mind like a violent dust storm. He kept bringing up the memory of earlier that day. In his manic state, he hadn’t realized it in the heat of the moment, but while cutting into you, he saw something strange.

Every time he made a large enough gash to peer inside of you, past the surface layers of flesh, he found what looked to be pieces of a Plant. At first he didn’t believe it but the more he thought about it and replayed the memory in his head, he became more certain of it. Underneath all of your old stitches and scars were pieces of Plant flesh. He could only assume that the experimentation that made you so different from other humans was due to the implanted pieces in your body.

Like a patched up shirt or sewn together cloth to make a quilt, pieces of your body were taken apart and replaced with those of a Plant. How much of you had been replaced was still a mystery as he instructed Doctor Conrad not to dissect you or conduct extremely invasive procedures on your body. But now he had to know. He wanted to find out as much as possible, as soon as possible. The more he wondered how you could even exist, the urge to cut into you grew.

He was pacing faster and faster, scratching and digging at his arms with his nails, chewing on his lip as he muttered to himself about all the parts he wanted to cut open and inspect. Was it just in your body or were other parts of you replaced like your hands and legs? How many layers deep he should go to find the pieces? What if your organs and bones were also altered or replaced? Was it simply your body’s rare fortitude to the chemicals used like other enhanced members of the Gung-Ho-Guns? Or was it because you were now part Plant that you were able to have these abilities? Whatever it was, Knives could barely wait to see you again.


Three days have passed since you discovered Knives’ secret and you had not seen him since. You wondered if you’d overstepped that day and now Knives hated you. You’d been out in the field hunting for Vash for the past two days so it was difficult for you to catch a glimpse of him, especially when he and Doctor Conrad left to retrieve another Plant. You hoped you could see him at least once before the week ended and see how he was doing. He seemed alright after his outburst but who knew if that was just for show in order to please you?

You were eating dinner in your room after a long day -or more like picking at your dinner as you had no appetite these days - when the doctor knocked on your door.

“Miss Y/N, Master Knives has asked for you. Please come with me.”

You immediately leave your dinner, throwing a jacket over your white tank top and slipping into your boots. You checked yourself in the mirror to make sure you weren’t dirty anywhere and that your hair wasn’t a mess before opening the door and following Doctor Conrad towards the medical wing. You questioned why Knives would want to meet you where all the experiments took place but you knew there had to be a pretty good reason for it so you kept silent.

Doctor Conrad opened the door to one of the experimental rooms, the sight of the clean white walls and the large operating table in the center surrounded by dried blood stains made your skin crawl. A familiar, sickening sight but you forced down your dark memories as you caught sight of Knives standing at one of the computer consoles typing into it nonchalantly. The doctor motioned for you to take a seat on the table and walked over to him, whispering something to Knives that you couldn’t hear.

After a few more minutes of typing into the console, Knives stands up and turns to you. You can see his full body since he’s not wearing his usual cloak, the silvery white suit covered in a futuristic design sticks to his body tightly. You can’t stop yourself from taking him in. You’d known his face was beautiful but his body was fascinating like you’d never seen before. Not even Legato, who was one of the naturally fitter and definitely most handsome of the Gung-Ho-Guns members, held a candle to Knives.

Through the bodysuit you could tell he was fit and muscular but not extremely so like some of the altered people you’ve seen. His body was slender with a both masculine and feminine silhouette, with long, toned legs, a thin waist, and broad shoulders. You’d never been so attracted to anyone before. Something inside of you started to flutter and you feel a heat rising to your cheeks. For a second you thought you were going into heatstroke but when Knives smirked at you, folding his arms over his chest, you realized you were blushing from the mere sight of him.

You quickly look down and cover your reddened cheeks, chastising yourself for acting like a little girl and pulling yourself together so you could face Knives like a normal person. Clearing your throat, you sit up straight with your hands in your lap as you try to ignore the remaining heat in your face.

“You wanted to see me, Master Knives?”

Knives chuckled and you restrained yourself as best you could from melting at the sound.

“Yes, there’s something I’ve been thinking about. Back when you first joined me, you mentioned the experiments you went through. I remember you saying there were many surgeries but you never knew what they were for.”

You sat patiently and silently, trying to predict where the conversation was going. A little voice in your mind kept telling you that you wouldn’t like it but you ignored it. If there was any way you could be of use to Knives, even if it meant undergoing that pain and suffering again, you would do it.

“The doctor and I discovered something after going over all your files, and it seems your body is becoming more Plant than human. I’d like to look into this more, but you’ll have to go through more intense examinations. Do you think you can handle it?”

“Of course. If it can help with your research, I can even go through it without any anesthetic. I’ll have to be restraining but it’s okay, I can handle it.”

Knives smiles and you grip your pants in your lap ever so slightly, the corners of your lips pulling into a slight smile as well at his satisfied expression.

“Well then, let’s begin now.”

Your smile falls as you glance between Knives and Doctor Conrad who approaches you while holding a large syringe. “Now? As in right now? A-are you sure you don’t need more time to prepare things?”

“Not at all. We’re only going to take a quick peek today. And don’t worry, you’ll be put to sleep so you won’t feel a single thing.”

You can feel yourself being pushed gently onto your back, the doctor taking your arm and injecting the liquid into you. It takes effect fairly quickly and your eyes start to feel heavy, falling shut as you see Knives summoning his angel arms and beginning to cut into you.


“Fascinating. Truly, it’s fascinating Master Knives. I’ve never seen such an intricate procedure like this done so well. The seamless transition of cells, it’s as if she’d been born with parts of the Plants growing into her from the start. This is an amazing discovery, I wish I’d known about it sooner. Our experiments with higher lifeforms would have gone much faster had we used the girls DNA as a base from the start.”

“Now isn’t the time to be stuck in the past doctor, just tell me what you think. Is there any possibility she could become an Independent despite being born human? Or is this the extent of her development and she’ll remain as a part of both.”

“It requires more research and more samples. I could take out a large piece all at once now and that would be enough for but I fear that could impact her abilities in the field.”

“That’s fine. From today onwards until our research is complete, I’ll have Legato assign someone else to work outside while she remains here. For now, take what you need to start and make sure she’s healed before she wakes up. I’ll be retiring for the night. Let her know she can return to her room and come back here tomorrow morning when I call for her.”

“Understood Master Knives.”


The next day you return to the lab to conduct more tests under the watchful eye of Knives. His presence makes you a bit nervous, pressured to do well and exceed his expectations of you. Doctor Conrad takes more blood samples from you, takes more pieces of you and tests the extent of your regenerative capabilities with small injuries. You drink various vials to heal yourself when your body can’t handle the strain anymore and are injected with chemicals over and over again in order to numb the pain or put you to sleep..

The tests stop around noon when Doctor Conrad goes to eat lunch and you’re invited to join him, saying there’s someone he’d like you to meet. You follow the doctor to a different room, leaving Knives as he looks over all the research done that morning. There, you’re introduced to the experiments the doctor had been conducting to create humans capable of living without the need for Plants. You see Elendira the Crimsonnail, another - more recent - member of the Gung-Ho-Guns and Doctor Conrad’s most successful experiment.

You listen intently as the doctor explains how he used pieces of Knives’ DNA and advanced cloning technology to create her and all the other children floating in tanks that fill the room. Explaining how he and Knives plan to create a future where Plants can be free and a new race will inhabit No Man’s Land once the humans are wiped out. That, along with the discovery of you and your body’s ability to adapt and merge with Plant material will further their research and possibly allow them to alter humans in their current state rather than creating beings from scratch.

The doctor then heads to a mess hall of sorts within the tower, where you find multiple members of the Gung-Ho-Guns including Legato. You take a tray of food and sit with them, talking about the morning and how things will be while you’re gone for however long it took Knives’ research to be finished. Legato congratulates you on becoming someone special as to meet with Knives so regularly, an underlying tone of jealousy seeping into his words and crawling under your skin even as he pats your back and compliments you.

After a polite albeit slightly tense lunch break, you return to the labs with Doctor Conrad and resume testing. Now they sedate you once more and go around your body, cutting oven different parts of you and taking samples of both your body and the Plant pieces that were put into you. Each time you’re healed using a blue vial, the Plant parts of you spread out and replace more of your body. Knives seems to watch on in excitement, feeling a sense of satisfaction he hadn’t had since he crashed the settler ships onto No Man’s Land.


Days turn into weeks, weeks turn into a month, and on the dawn of the second month, Doctor Conrad tells you that it’ll be the last day of testing before one final experiment. What it is he doesn’t say, or more like he can’t bring himself to say it out loud. As he takes a vial of your blood once more, you share some small talk about the Gung-Ho-Guns members like Legato and Elendira, along with mentions of others the doctor is attempting to enhance using the compiled data.

After running a few more tests to make sure you were healthy and check the growth of Plant matter inside of your body, you’re released for the rest of the afternoon. You decide to wander around July and take in the sights you weren’t interested in before. Something about the end of the experiments made you feel sentimental, disappointed almost. Your routine of daily meetings with Knives had come to an end and he wasn’t even there today. What if he decided to kill you now that they’d gotten all the information they could out of you?

You thought that maybe you were still useful as a foot soldier, someone who could hunt down Vash or retrieve Plants for Knives’ big plans. You had a few days before you were supposed to meet with Knives once more so if these were to be your final days, you might as well enjoy them. You bought food from street vendors, admired little trinkets, saw a theater show that wasn’t all that great, tried on clothes and even bought a flattering dress to wear someday if you were allowed to live for longer.

The days you spent without thinking of the Gung-Ho-Guns, the doomed future of humanity, and even Knives himself came and went like a fleeting daydream.

When you woke up, the moon and stars were still in the sky with an hour or so left before the sun rose. You got dressed in your neatly ironed uniform, doing your hair like always and pulling on your gloves and boots. You step out of your room and head towards the large dome where Knives usually was. He hadn’t called for you but something in your mind was urging you to see him right away. You punch in the code to the door and step inside only to find the room empty.

There’s no one sitting at the piano. And while you look around past all the stone statues, there’s no sign of Knives. Thinking you must be too early still, you head to the mess hall to grab some food but as soon as you arrive you’re no longer hungry. Ever since the experiments and tests became more intense, you’d been eating less and less. You didn’t feel hungry anymore. Thirst only bothered you sometimes when the sterile air of the medical wing dried your lips too much.

Walking back to your room, you sense a strange presence. It wasn’t an unfamiliar one, but it was odd that it seemed to be emanating from your room. As you unlock your door and it slides open, you see Legato sitting at the table reading from the same book he carried everywhere with him.

“What are you doing here so early in the morning, Legato? Was there something important you needed to talk to me about?”

The blue haired man smiles and shuts his book, standing up as you enter your room and let the door slide shut behind you.

“I wouldn’t say this meeting is especially important. I just wanted to see how you were doing and make sure you were all right as your commander. Seeing how you’ve been spending the past few days running around July pretty carefree, I thought he had a change of heart and let you quit. But then I hear that you’re meant to see him first thing in the morning, and alone at that. I was curious. I wanted to know why you suddenly became so special, so precious to Master Knives.

You feel Legato’s hard gaze staring you down, his powers slamming you back against the door and pinning you there as he leaves his book on the table and towers over you.

“Legato please, you and I both know that I’m not any more special or important to Master Knives than the rest of the Guns, I’m simply being a loyal and devoted follower of his ideals. I don’t have special telekinetic powers like you and aren’t as skilled with a gun like the others, but I learned that I could be of use in other ways.”

“Other ways you say? I’m already someone capable of assisting Master Knives in many ways whether it be retrieving his precious Plants, getting rid of the pesky obstacles in his way, and keeping rogues like that damn executioner in their place. How are you so special when you were nothing but a lifeless husk incapable of even dying on your own when I first saw you. What could you possibly offer him that I can’t already? I’m stronger than you, smarter than you, I’ve been working for Master Knives almost my entire life and proved myself to him. So why does he demand to have you by his side at all times?! It isn’t fair!”

Legato slams his fist against the door just sn inch away from your head, making a dent in the thick metal sheet. His eyes are filled with anger, confusion, and disappointment, but you have no idea how to calm him. You try to come up with something to say, words that will soothe his rage but you can’t speak. There’s a tightness in your throat that makes it hard to breathe, much less speak. You glance down to see Legato’s gloved hand flexing and tensing, his long fingers gripping the air as a pressure around your throat intensifies.

“He’s never once allowed me to assist in any of his more intricate plans. But you. You’ve barely been here for over a year. And even at the start you were nothing to him but another stray lamb he took mercy on and allowed into his flock. So why now? What did you do that makes him take so much interest in you? Is there something you can do that you haven’t told anyone besides him? Do you know something about him that I don’t? Did you use your body to seduce him into favoring you?”

He glares down at you as you claw at your throat, attempting to free yourself from the invisible hand strangling you as you choke and gasp for air. Tears form in your eyes as it feels like your neck is about to snap in two, you can barely feel the ground as you struggle to stand on the tips of your toes as Legato lifts you higher and higher off the ground.

“L-Legato… I-I can’t…. Breathe…. P-please….”

You look at him with desperation, your once pink lips starting to turn blue as your lungs burn from the lack of oxygen. You silently plead with him, searching for some semblance of rationality in his light grey eyes. Then he starts to smile and laugh. It’s a cruel laugh bordering on maniacal as he finally releases you and you collapse to the floor coughing and clutching your throat as you breathe in all the air you can.

“I get it now. You’re nothing but his plaything. A mere punching bag to take out his frustrations on, aren’t you? The look on your pitiful face when you’re so close to death, I see now why he’s been so intent on keeping you when you should’ve died in that lab. Tell me, what does he do to you? Does he make you beg for air? Does he snap your bones into tiny pieces? Maybe I could suggest ways to torture you even more and he’ll let me join him.”

Legato chuckles to himself, mumbling about all the ways he could easily break you. Twisting your limbs until they reached their breaking point and your bones splintered and burst through your skin, crushing your organs over and over again, tossing you around and dragging your almost lifeless body all over like a puppet.

You’re about to say something back when a beeping tone sounds. You look down at your wrist, where a thin communication watch sits just atop your glove. A blue light flashes as it continues to beep before you tap it and stop the alert. Reading it quickly, you’re being summoned to an area of the facility you’d never been to before. It’s a personal summons from the subject of your conversation, Millions Knives.

Legato continues to stare down at you, crossing his arms as he grins almost sad*stically. For a moment you’re scared to leave, not wanting Legato to misunderstand or leave in the middle of your fight, potentially fracturing your friendship. He knew nothing about you and even you didn’t really understand why Knives was so invested in analyzing your body when there were many others he could have had assisting Doctor Conrad in examining you. But before you can say anything, a voice message comes in through your watch.

“Y/N. Did you not receive my first message? Don’t keep me waiting.”

You look back up at Legato and his once triumphant expression turns sour as he steps back.

“You heard his instructions. Get out of my sight before I have you crawling to him.”

He grabs his book and leaves your room quickly, a bitter expression on his face. You stand on shaky legs and quickly head out, following the plotted route on your watches map. You take an elevator to one of the upper floors and continue down a long empty hallway, dimly lit with soft blue lights. As you make your way through the corridor, you start to sense the presence of Knives emanating like waves. It gets stronger as you near the door at the end of the hall where your map has been guiding you.

You stand outside the door and knock softly on the metal, waiting for it to open from the inside. When it does, you step into a room lit up by the moonbeams filtering in through a window on the right wall. There’s a large bed in the room and there you see Knives sitting at the edge, wearing a loose, white robe that exposes his toned chest. He’s reading a book, holding it up to his face with one hand while he leans back on the other, his legs crossed next to a table with glasses of what looks to be red wine placed nearby.

“You wanted to see me, Master Knives?”

“Come here Y/N. There’s no need for you to stand so far away. I’ve been waiting for you.”

“…Yes sir.”

You walk over to him, your gaze focused on his face as the moonlight draws long shadows over the edges of his sculpted features. His usually sharp eyes are softened now as he seems extremely relaxed. The long, slender bridge of his nose leading down to the gentle smile on his pale pink lips. You’re about to kneel down in front of him but he holds up a hand without even looking at you, making you stop.

“Sit here,” he says and telepathically moves a chair from the side of the room over so that you can sit in front of him.

“Now then, have a drink with me, won’t you?” He closes the book and sets it down on the table, picking up one of the wine glasses and handing it to you before taking the other for himself. You hesitantly hold the crystalline glass in your hands, unsure of what to do. Was this some sort of elaborate test? Was the glass laced with poison meant to kill you? Did Legato really get it right when he said you’d outlived your usefulness to Knives?

“I can tell you’re confused. I didn’t bring you here to have you killed. You’re far too precious for that right now.”

You tilt your head in confusion, watching and waiting for him to elaborate on what he meant. Knives slowly swirls the drink in his hand, the red liquid reflecting the stars outside as his long fingers wrap around the bottom of the glass. The translucent, bright red color is reminiscent of the liquid surrounding a Plant about to perish, a beautiful shade that contrasted Knives’ usual silvery blue tones.

“After looking through all the research Doctor Conrad compiled over the past two months, he came up with a rather interesting theory. I’m sure that you’re well acquainted with his numerous experiments by now. His hope of creating lifeforms that are neither human nor Plant. Higher beings capable of existing without relying on other creatures, who are more resilient and powerful than normal humans. And while he’s found success in creating a few of them like Crimsonnail, he’s had some issues recreating that process as of late.”

You watch as Knives takes a sip from his glass, prompting you to do the same. Raising the glass to your lips, you take a tentative sip as a bitterness coats your tongue. You grimace slightly and lower the glass, trying not to show the distaste on your face as Knives chuckles in that oh so familiar and captivating way of his.

“As you know, I originally planned to use the doctor’s research to recreate more Independents. Using the plants we’ve saved, once I am able to open the gate using Vash’s power, I’ll be able to create a whole new generation of plants capable of living outside of human confinement. Able to exist and reign over planets such as this. But with how determined my little brother is to run away from the future, I’ve been growing impatient. And that’s when the doctor suggested something unique.”

Knives finishes his glass and places it back on the table, slowly rising to his feet as he closes the short gap between the two of you. Your heart races as you’re pinned once more today with no way of escape, but the feeling it gives you isn’t the same as when Legato was trying to interrogate you. Half of Knives’ face was shaded in darkness from the shadows, only making him more mysterious and handsome looking. His clear eyes holding your gaze making it impossible for you to look away.

“Plants and humans aren’t all that different. When it comes to physical features, we independents are modeled after humans after all. And while most Plants require the energy from an opened gate to make more Plants, we’re capable of sexual reproduction just like humans. I simply needed to find a being that was compatible and able to withstand the amount of strain it takes in order to try it.”

You feel the glass start to slip through your fingers as your mind goes over his words. Knives easily catches it, placing it on the table while chuckling with amusem*nt at your bewildered expression. Your cheeks start to heat up and you wonder if you truly understood the meaning behind his words. Sexual reproduction? Compatible? Strain? Was he really saying he wanted to have sex with you in order to make another Independent?

“S-so you’re suggesting that because my body is c-capable of sustaining Plant matter, that I… that I can be p-… p-pregnant with a… an I-Independent?”

Knives smiles at you, satisfied that you were able to understand his intentions. As you sit there blushing more and more to the point your face turns almost as red as the wine, he takes the time to undo the belt on his robe and let it slide off his arms, revealing his naked body and setting it on the edge of the bed. When your mind comes into focus and you look at him again, you notice the lower half of his body does indeed resemble a human males anatomy.

The skin on his body is still clearer than water itself, even the parts of him that are usually covered by the tight bodysuit he wears. His defined muscles are even more prominent in the serene lighting as he once again leans over you, placing a hand on top of the backrest and leans down. He tilts your chin up with his index finger, his calm gaze now hiding something more dangerous behind his innocent blue irises.

“Think of it as merely another experiment, Y/N. Whether or not it’s successful will have no effect on your status here as one of my subordinates. Of course, if there are any promising signs that it will work, then I suppose it might have an impact on your duties. I’ll need you to come here quite often, at least until there are signs of an Independent growing inside you. What do you think though? Are you willing to give your body to me not just as one of my followers, but as a mother to a new age?”

His voice is so soft and melodic, it hypnotizes you and wraps around your mind like a fog. You can’t seem to think of anything else besides accepting Knives’ offer. Never in your wildest dreams did you imagine being in this position. The prospect of being a mother never dared to cross your mind in the past and even now, if it happened, you’d be giving life to a higher being, a new future at the same time? You would be fulfilling Knives’ dream of a world of Independents.

“Master Knives…”

“Yes, my dear Y/N?”

The way he says your name so softly, so affectionately, it makes your heart want to leap right out of your chest. For so long you’ve idolized and admired Knives from a distance, keeping yourself at arms length from this angel of destruction. And now he was the one coming to you. Giving you an opportunity no one else has ever had. Of course you were going to take it.

“From the day you saved me from that lab, and when you accepted me under your command, all the way to today, I have been entirely yours. Master Knives, whatever you need, whatever you want me to do, consider myself ever loyal to you. It would be an honor to give my body to your cause.”

Knives smiles once more with satisfaction as he takes your still filled glass of wine and pours the contents into his mouth. He then cups your chin, pulling you up as he presses his lips to yours in a mind numbing kiss. He forces your lips apart with his own, pouring the liquid into your mouth bit by bit as you swallow it, the once bitter taste now mildly sweet as it lingers on your tongue. As Knives pulls away from the kiss, you can feel yourself getting hot, your body temperature rising as your breathing becomes labored and your chest tightens.

“W-what was in- pant T-that glass?”

“I had the doctor create something special for this occasion. It doesn’t have the best taste but its effects are rather impressive. I see you’re starting to react already.”

Knives summons a singular blade at the tip of his finger as he lowers his hand down your neck, the tip of the blade scratching along your skin as he pulls open your uniform jacket. As he continues down, the knife of his cuts through your shirt underneath, even splitting your bra as your body becomes exposed.

With the dangerous power of Knives’ angel arms so close to piercing your body, you can’t help but feel a strange excitement building in your lower stomach. The heat you feel pools between your legs and you feel a wetness leaking from deep inside. Knives takes your hand and pulls you to your feet, stepping backwards as he guides you to the bed and lays you down in the center of the mattress. With a flick of his fingers, your pants are undone and come sliding off, including your panties which he sets on the chair alongside your damaged tops.

Lying completely exposed on the bed, he climbs onto the mattress with you, grabbing your knees with his hands and forcing your legs apart. He kneels between them, his gaze running over your body and taking you in. You shut your eyes, too embarrassed to continue watching him look at your body so intensely and wait for Knives to continue touching you, but the feeling doesn’t come.

Hesitantly, you open your eyes, only to see him still kneeling between your legs but with a book opened in his hand. It was the same book he was reading when you first entered and you squinted to make out the title of it on the cover. You couldn’t decipher all the cursive letters but somehow understood that it was a guide of some sort. A sex manual if you will. Seeing Knives reading through the pages so intently almost made you burst into laughter. To think that the all mighty Independent, Millions Knives, had to learn about sex from a book. If someone had told you this yesterday you would’ve called them crazy.

“Master Knives, if you need more time to finish reading we can do this later on. I don’t want to make you rush.”

“Don’t worry, I’m just deciding which of these positions I’d rather try first. Of course we can try again if this time isn’t successful. This is only a preliminary test to see if it’s even possible for our bodies to be compatible with one another. Now then, I believe it was this here that supposedly produces the quickest result.”

You watch as Knives reaches between your legs, positioning his thumb over your cl*t as his index and middle finger brush along the length of your folds. Your skin is already damp and sticky from the effects of the drug you had, this aphrodisiac making your body more sensitive to his touch as he moves his fingers deftly and with expert levels of ease, pushing a finger inside of you as he moves his thumb in a circular motion while pressing on the sensitive nerves of your cl*t.

The feeling of his fingers inside you is enough to pull a long, high-pitched whine from your lips as your hips rise off the bed to meet his touch. He’s already inches deep inside of you but your body can’t help reacting to him, reaching for more. As he begins thrusting his fingers in and out of your entrance, he continues to read the book, twisting and bending his fingers inside of you in search of your sweet spot like the text suggests.

Breathy gasps and small squeaks continue to escape as he quickly finds the part of you that seems the most sensitive and delicate. He focuses his attention there, rubbing the tips of his fingers along the warm, sensitive walls of muscle, watching your face as it turns a dark shade of red and twists with pleasure from his hand movements. The corners of his lips curl up into a condescending smirk as you bite your lip in order to lower your voice.

“No one can hear us inside this room. Even if you were to scream with all your strength, not a single peep from you would be able to get past these walls. Although, you’re more than welcome to try and prove me wrong. I’m curious to see how loud you can get.”

His sultry voice purrs in your ear and tickles the inside of your mind, his presence filling the room and consuming your entire being. You can feel his gaze focus on your belly as he applies an invisible pressure to your lower stomach, pushing down where his fingers just so happen to be massaging your inside with expert precision. Your insides clench and tighten as you moan his title, calling your master as his angel arms form and spread your legs further apart, the sharp blades pressing into your flesh enough to feel the indent on your skin but not enough to make a cut.

Your thighs are pushed against the sides of your body and you grip the bedsheets on either side of your hips, fingers digging into the soft silk. He switches to holding the book with his knives, letting it hover in the air next to his head as he takes his now free hand and places it on your waist. His hand feels cold at first but quickly warms up as he continues to touch your body, sliding his hand up over the side of your body and over your torso, feeling the softness of your skin, occasionally tracing one of the old scars left behind by your past.

Despite your regenerative abilities and the number of vials you drank to heal your wounds, the old scars never seemed to fade. You worried your imperfections bothered Knives or made you look less appealing, only to feel him caressing the markings with an uncharacteristic tenderness.

Your breathing slows under his touch, feeling him moving from one scar to another with the rhythmic rise and fall of your chest. He leans down and you can feel him nearing as your eyes flutter shut, your lips parting as a soft moan bubbles up in your throat. His lips are soft as they press against your collarbone. His hand rises to cup your breast and his thumb brushes over your perked nipple, circling it slowly in time with the motions over your cl*t.

“M-master Knives…”

“Knives is enough for now.”

“Yes K-Knives… mmf I-I… I-“

“Take your time. You can speak your mind with me here.”

“I w-want you to… g-go faster ah~”

Your hips flinch as you feel his fingers push deeper inside of you. The pads of his fingertips continuing to press against the walls of your c*nt as he thrusts them in and out. His movements pick up speed, applying more pressure to your body’s nerve points as you’re starting to pant and moan more. Knives watches on as you tilt your head back, exposing your neck to him as your lips part and you whisper his name laced with pleasure. He leans in, sticking his tongue out as he licks along the vein in your neck before sinking his teeth into your throat.

You shudder at the warmth of his breath hitting your skin, turning to him and trying to push away but he quickly positions a knife on the other side of your neck. You feel it prick your skin as a single drop of blood forms on your skin.

“Sex is meant to be a give and take isn’t it? I’ll give you the pleasure you crave and fulfill your requests when you ask for it, and in return, you give up your body to me and let me do as I please.”

“B-But it-. Y-you surprised me and-“

“Shhh~ I’ve seen you handle more than this. I’m sure you can endure a few surprises for me.”

He murmurs lowly in your ear, a subtle rumble in his chest making his voice purr seductively at the end of his words. The way he seems to praise you while also making it clear that you are beneath him makes your mind go wild. How could he make being so manipulative and degrading oh so sensual. He slowly caresses your cheek with his blades, being sure not to cut you but letting you know that a wrong move would draw blood. He had complete control over you, like caught in a spiders web, you had no escape, no choice but to obey him like always.

“You look so- how should I put this…Obedient. It’s rather endearing. You’re always so devoted, but this state of you, to think you’d go to these lengths simply because I’m the one who made the offer.”

He laughs and your cheeks darken in embarrassment, but the emotion is overshadowed as he speeds up a bit more. He nips at the shell of your ear, his breathing sounding heavier and less steady as you flinch and squirm under his touch. Your insides are growing hotter and hotter as liquid seeps from your folds, coating his hand and your thighs in the slippery substance. As his fingers continue to penetrate you, they make a squelching noise that has your insides tangling into a knot.

“You’re so wet for me. How cute~.

You wonder if his compliment was just your imagination but you don’t have the motivation to think about it for longer than a second. Your legs twitch and you attempt to close them as your insides start to go numb from the pleasure. Once again, Knives is a step ahead of you and wrapping his angel arms around your thighs and ankles, stretching them out and keeping them pinned to the bed. You reach up quickly, pressing your hands to his chest to push him back as your body starts to tremble, your breathing becoming erratic as your mind turns fuzzy.

You have the urge to run away, to escape this feeling chasing you like a predator hunting its prey. But you can’t. He’s too strong for you to escape from, much less fight against. Even as you push and squirm, Knives keeps you pinned against the soft mattress, now damp with your sweat. He continues fingering you and pressing down on your cl*t, the pressure on your stomach only intensifying the feeling of him thrusting inside of you. He continues to bite at your neck, leaving faint teeth marks while the cold touch of his knives on your hot skin makes you jolt and cut yourself.

There’s a smell from you that fills the room and consumes his senses, like that of a freshly bloomed flower. It emanates from you with each moan and desperate plea to stop or slowdown. The intense pleasure on your face as you drown in the growing ecstasy is enough to make him forget where he was and what he was doing this all for. His mind was consumed with the thought of breaking you. To see you covered in cuts from his knives, dripping blood from your soft, supple skin. To hear your sweet, melodic moans continuing to echo within the room from his touches even as he wears you down little by little.

A sudden squeezing brings Knives to his senses as your gasp turns into a sinful cry, your puss* clamping down around his fingers as your body trembles and jerks like shocks of electricity are running through you. When you finally go still and your muscles relax, he sits up and pulls his hand away, watching as his glistening skin reflects the city lights from outside. He joins and spreads his fingers over and over, watching as your recent org*sm forms strands connecting the two digits that were once inside you. As embarrassing as it was to see him staring at it so intensely, you couldn’t find your voice to protest.

Even as a drop of your release rolls down his wrist and he curiously wipes it away with his tongue, the most you can do is look away to avoid seeing him do anymore with your sad display of self control.

“Are you regretting taking my offer,” he asks lowly.

You quickly turn to look up at him, the inflection of his tone making him sound displeased in contrast to his calm expression. You stuttered and fumble over your words trying to find a quick response to appease his hidden anger, wincing as you feel his blades tighten and dig into your legs making you bleed slowly.

“I said you could speak your mind, didn’t I? I wasn’t planning to let you go anyways, regardless of your answer.””

Knives raises the book to his side, flipping through some of the pages as his dirtied hand comes back to your entrance, sliding along your soaked folds. Your body flinches as his touch returns, making you tug at the sheets as you shut your eyes tight, biting your lip hard as moans bubble up in your throat.

His fingers curl and dip into your puss*, scooping up the liquid that seeps out from inside you, spreading it over your cl*t and the creases of your inner thighs. He spreads his fingers over your c*nt, continuing to read as he squeezes your swollen lips and continues to massage your numbed c*nt, rubbing your cl*t up and down slowly along the length of his middle finger and making your body heat up again.

“It says here that it’s best to make sure the man’s penis is sufficiently lubricated to make penetration less painful for the woman. And if the woman reaches climax beforehand, they’ll release a natural lubricant showing that they’re ready. They must be talking about this mess you made, right?”

He scoops up more of your cum in his hand before bringing it to his stiff co*ck, wrapping his wet hand around the base of his shaft and stroking himself slowly. A muffled groan slips through Knives’ lips as he coats himself with your liquid pleasure, moving up and down his long, hard erection as you watch. You follow his strokes, from the thick base where a small tuff of platinum blond hair gathers above his dick, to the pink colored tip beginning to leak precum down the underside of his shaft. His pale skin is tinged red as his blood rushes down to his co*ck, making him grimace at the heightened sensitivity from the aphrodisiac you both drank.

You slowly sit up on your elbows, your body regaining a bit of strength as you continue to stare, forgetting any sense of shame. Licking your lips absentmindedly, you whisper your thoughts under your breath, “…beautiful angel” as you admire the sight of Knives pleasuring himself.

Knives follows your enamored gaze and smirks, letting out an amused chuckle at your fascination with his body.

“Seems you’re starting to enjoy yourself again. Did you want to try touching it?”

His offer sounds genuine, lacking a teasing tone that he’d been using with you for most of your known interactions with him. Swallowing hard, you nod your head slowly, looking up to meet his gaze, letting him see the genuine desire in your eyes to explore this once in a lifetime opportunity. Or merely the first of your lifetime if these nights proved fruitful.

Knives moves further onto the bed, his muscular thighs straddled over your chest now as he holds his co*ck at the base, the tip angled towards your lips. Shifting your weight to one side, you reach in front of you and touch the underside of his manhood. It twitches at the initial contact, as if it were a separate living creature. You start to drag your fingers along the sides slowly, tracing the veins that stretch the length of his co*ck. It felt so stiff in your grasp as you took him in your hand, stroking it a few times and noting how it was difficult to wrap around the entire width of it when you got closer to the base compared to being near the head.

Thinking about the book Knives had, you suddenly recall a random conversation you overheard at a ramen stand the other night. You had ignored most of it due to the unsavory comments they had about women but remembered one of them briefly describing how amazing it felt when a woman used their mouth to make them cum. It was something called a blowj*b if you heard them correctly. You weren’t quite sure how to do it but if there was anything similar in Knives’ book, maybe he could catch on to what you were attempting and teach you how.

Licking your lips, you hold his length steady, taking a deep - albeit nervous - breath and sticking your tongue out to lick the tip. A bitter taste hits your tongue and you grimace at the flavor, reminiscent of the aphrodisiac. You try another lick, this time the taste being much weaker, and realize it was the taste of his precum. Determined to not be so phased, you open your mouth wide and take the tip of his co*ck in your mouth, sucking as hard as you can to try and get more of it out.

Of course, because of your lack of experience, Knives only gets a shot of pain and quickly grabs your hair, pulling you away roughly as you yelp in pain and stop.

“What do you think you’re doing, Y/N?!Are you trying to test my patience?!”

You look at him shamefully as you shake your head. “N-No Master Knives, that wasn’t what I trying to do at all. I wanted to- it’s something called a blowj*b that I heard about while in the city. It’s supposed to feel good for the man so I just thought that maybe it would feel good for you too. I’m sorry… I should’ve known my inexperience wouldn’t satisfy you.”

Knives clicked his tongue and shakes his head in disappointment as he loosens the grip on your hair, turning to his book and flipping through it in search of a specific page.

“Like I said, next time you’d like to try something, tell me. If you don’t know how to do it properly then of course it would only end in failure. You’re lucky I didn’t kill you out of instinct since I’ve also been curious about this.”

Stopping on a page, he scans the words quickly before looking back down at you.

“Since you’re so eager to please me, I’ll teach it to you in steps. All you have to do is follow my commands like always, alright?”

“Yes, Master Knives.”

“Good girl. Also, I told you not to call me master for now.”

Knives smiles as he makes a small cut on your hand, causing you to let go of him. He then reaches down and cups your chin, tilting your head back as he makes himself more comfortable.

“Now then, let’s begin by opening your mouth nice and wide, sticking your tongue out as well.”

You do as you’re told, letting your tongue fall past your parted lips while looking up at him and awaiting your next command.

“Good. Now stay just like this while I thrust along your tongue. This should get you familiar with the motion of it.”

He laid the head of his co*ck on top of your tongue and slowly moves his hips forward, dragging his length along the wet muscle with a steady rhythm. As he moves, you make sure to keep your head still, staying propped up on your elbows and keeping your mouth open even as your jaw starts to feel sore. A few moments pass before Knives goes on to the next step.

“Close your mouth around the shaft, making sure not to hold it too tightly or let your teeth touch. Focus on only using your lips and tongue to touch and pleasure me.”

You can feel his grip on your chin tighten a bit as you wrap your lips around his co*ck, keeping your tongue out as he continues to thrust into your mouth. The wetness and vague taste of yourself makes an odd feeling start to form that you hadn’t experienced before. This degrading position, being blindly obedient and bending to Knives’ every word, it sends a wild rush through your body. It’s humiliating and addicting at the same time. You want him to use you more, tell you what he wants so you can please him.

Tasting yourself on his co*ck when it hasn’t even been inside you, cumming for the first time so easily from his fingers, it was pitiful. You felt like your performance so far wasn’t even worthy of his time. And yet you couldn’t stop yourself from leaning in, bobbing your head in time with his thrusts and taking him deeper in your mouth. Soft moans vibrated against his shaft, making it twitch excitedly on your tongue, which only worked to make you more desperate for him.

You wanted to return his generosity, give him the same pleasure he’d given you. Even if you weren’t able to match his natural talent, the very least you could do was sit there and let him use you however he saw fit. If something felt good to him, you’d do it, whatever he wanted you to do. If he decided to cum right then and there, you’d swallow it no matter how bitter it might be if that’s what he asked of you. If he wanted to use your throat and suffocate you with his co*ck, you would gladly give up the air you needed to breathe and let him. Your thoughts seem to reach Knives through his passive telepathy and he starts to laugh. A deep, seductive, dangerous laugh.

“You have such a dirty mind~. If you said such things out loud, someone might get the wrong impression about you. They might think you’re used to this sort of thing when in reality your only experience will have been with me.”

Knives pulls back and his co*ck slips past your pursed lips with a wet pop. His hand gently cups your cheek, his thumb caressing your skin before going down your neck and around the back. His fingers comb through your hair before tightly gripping the strands at the base of your scalp, tugging your head back further so you’re forced to look up at him. Knives’ eyes are narrowed and the once clear blue is now hazy and clouded with lust. He’s grinning wide as he pulls your hair tighter, watching as you wince at the sharp pain. He grabs his co*ck and drags the tip over your lips, giving a hard tug as you open your mouth for him again.

“Such a good, naughty girl~,” he purrs, making your cheeks go red and your insides feel like you’ve been turned to jelly.

Knives quickly thrusts into your open mouth once more, this time being more aggressive with his treatment. He keeps your head still by your hair and goes at his own pace. A quick, steady, hard thrusting as he tries to fit the full length of his co*ck into your mouth. He easily starts to hit the back of your throat, causing you to gag over and over from the impact. Saliva quickly starts to pool in your mouth and seep past the corners of your lips as he continues to thrust, his length becoming slippery and coated in your drool.

Choked moans and stifled whines form in your chest but you can’t seem to make any real noise aside from the partial gasps as you struggle for air. Your eyes start to roll back into your head as you become lightheaded from the lack of oxygen flowing to your brain. As Knives continues to hold you still, your body starts to grow weak and you can’t hold yourself up anymore. Your arms give out from under you and you fall back on the bed, letting out a noise as the tugging on your hair causes your head to throb in pain.

“Feeling exhausted already? I don’t recall ever saying I was done with you.”

Knives places his hands on the bed to hold himself up at an angle and thrusts into your mouth once more, this time keeping you pinned to the mattress so there’s no room for escape. You can feel him going deeper inside of you, the tip of his co*ck squeezing down your throat as he gasps and groans in pleasure above you. You reach your hands up and grab his thighs, the tense muscles barely giving way even while you sink your nails into his skin to try and make him slow down.

While you’re struggling and gagging on his co*ck, he manifests more angel arms from his back and uses the blunt side of his chain to rub against your sensitive c*nt. The cold touch of it makes you jolt and gasp in surprise, allowing Knives to thrust deeper and make your mind go blank. He moves the arm back and forth, rubbing along your cl*t and between your wet folds like he did with his fingers. Even when you try to squeeze your thighs together to stop the chain, feeling overwhelmed by the sensation on your puss*, he’s still holding your legs apart so you can’t quite get close enough to stop him. Leaving you at his mercy from both above and below.

Knives’ movements soon become more erratic and aggressive. He doesn’t thrust as deeply or doesn’t match the same pace from before as he breaths heavily and grips the mattress. Sweat forms on his knitted brows and drips down his face, his cheeks now flushed red like yours as he chases his own oncoming climax. His hand slides under your head again and grips your hair, pushing you to meet his hips as he finally snaps and c*ms in your mouth.

The bitter-sweet substance coats your tongue and slips down your throat, causing you to jerk back and cough to avoid taking it into your lungs. More of his seed coats your face when you pull away as he grabs his co*ck and strokes himself quickly. Long ropes shoot out as he moans loudly, cursing under his breath as he comes down from his high and drops his gaze towards you. Your blushing face painted with his cum is the first thing he notices, along with the dazed look in your half-lidded eyes. He then realizes you’re holding onto his still hard co*ck, kissing the base of him softly and licking up the mix of his spend and your drool off his flushed skin.

A shiver shoots up his spine like he’d never felt before at the sight of you still eagerly worshiping him. His eyes widen as they meet your lustful gaze and a crazed grin tugs at him. He can’t seem to regain control his expression as he reaches down and wraps his hand around your neck, pushing your chin up with this thumb while he applies pressure to your throat. The urge to hurt you creeps over him. Wanting to see your sweet face contort into a mix of pain and pleasure. He wanted to see how quickly the color of your face turned from red to blue when he pressed hard enough, if you’d still be this infatuated with him once your life was in danger.

“Knives~” you moan drunkenly, the effects of the aphrodisiac hitting you once again and harder this time. “Aren’t you supposed to let out your cum inside of me? What will we do now that it’s all wasted~?”

You angle his co*ck to touch your lips and slowly drag your tongue across the tip, licking up more of his cum in the process despite his threatening attempt to strangle you. You’re either completely oblivious to the danger you’re in, or so far gone that you’ve become numb to the pain. Judging by how you’ve stopped reacting to his cuts, Knives assumes it’s the latter. It’s strange yet amusing just how much you affect his thoughts. Destroying his rationality and composure simply by being near him.

At times he feels an overwhelming urge to defend you, to protect you from the universe. Keep you locked up and hidden away where no one but him can find you. Other times he wants to get rid of you all together. Kill you either in an accident or by his own hand so there’s nothing to get in the way of his one goal. Nothing to distract him or tempt him off his destined path of eradicating the human species.

“You sweet, simple minded little thing. There’s plenty more of my seed left. I’ll make sure you’re pregnant by the time the sun rises.”

Knives moves back, grabbing you by the waist and easily flipping you over onto your stomach. His angel arms release your legs as he lifts your hips into the air, letting you lean back so your ass is resting against his torso. His hard co*ck slides neatly between your wet thighs as you push yourself up onto all fours. His hands come to rest on your hips as you lean back more, squeezing his length teasingly between your thighs as you jerk him off. Knives lets out a threatening growl, his angel arms beginning to materialize on his knuckles before you decide to stop playing around.

The blades quickly dissipate from his hands as he slides his co*ck from between your thighs and positions himself at your entrance. When he thrusts forward, you can feel Knives’ shaft spread you open. The stretching of your insides hurts a bit at first but it quickly fades away as the aphrodisiac comes into effect. Now, the burning discomfort is replaced with a warm, pleasurable feeling that makes you crave more. As he pushes in deeper, that pleasure intensifies and so does your need for it, to the point that you’re shamelessly whining his name while shaking your hips side to side like an animal in heat.

“Knives~ Master Knives~ Y-You feel so warm inside me ah~ it feels s-so good! I want to feel- mmf~ more of you~. I-I want to feel you ah~! Th-thrusting inside me like you did i-in my mouth~.”

Your words act like the trigger on a gun, sending him over the edge as he unleashes his strength in a steady flow of raw force. His hips snap forward, his co*ck filling you completely as you let out a sharp cry in surprise. He pulls out until only the tip is still inside of you before forcing the rest of it in. The wet slap of his thighs hitting yours echos throughout the room as you struggle to keep yourself steady, his grip on your hips feeling bruised and tender from the pressure.

You can feel his knives crawling down your legs and wrapping around your ankles, slicing into the mattress to lock you in place. The same goes for your wrists as you feel the metal curling around your forearms. You feel Knives lean forward as his chest presses against your back, his heart beating quickly, or maybe that’s just your own going faster because of how he’s f*cking you silly. Knives slides one of his hands up your body, tracing along your spine with his thumb while his fingers wrap around your side, gliding over your shoulder.

His hand moves down your arm, slowly lifting your hand off the mattress as he places tender kisses on the back of your neck. You moan and mewl softly as he slows his thrusts, becoming more sensual and loving as he makes you feel every inch of him entering you and stretching your insides. His fingers intertwine with yours, squeezing your hand in his as he brings your wrists closer together. He easily wraps his fingers around both of your wrists and jerks forward, pulling them out from under you and causing your chest to collapse on the mattress.

“Much better,” he purrs in your ear, obviously pleased with your new position. He continues to hold your arms in place with his hand, his thrusts picking up once more as he forces his co*ck deeper with the new angle. You’re moaning and stuttering gibberish under him, drool running down your chin as you lay there helpless and drowning in ecstasy. Your mind is empty aside from the thoughts of him pounding your puss* with a feverish intensity, his own groaning and heavy panting making you more obsessed with bringing him pleasure.

“K-kni~! Fu- ah- Knives~! I- ah~ y-you- oh god~!”

Your eyes start to roll back again as he turns your head to face him. He cups your chin and wipes away a drop of cum that was on your cheek, smearing it over your lips with his thumb.

“Let’s not waste all this precious seed now. You wanted it inside you after all, so make sure to lick it all up~.” He wipes away another rope of cum from your face as you part your lips, sticking your tongue out much like before and letting him run his thumb all over your tongue, spreading the bittersweet substance all around.

You look up at him with pleading eyes, your licking making his hand wet with drool. He cleans the rest off, collecting it on his fingers and holding them in front of your face. Obediently, you wrap your lips around him and suck on them messily, trying not to take them too deep as his thrusting would make his fingers go down your throat. He spreads your mouth open with his fingers, making your tongue hang out as you’re panting heavily. He drags his fingers down your lips and wraps his hand around your throat, squeezing it and shortening your air supply.

You suddenly feel something reach inside you, like hitting a wall that sends a blinding shock throughout your entire body. You tremble and flinch each time it happens, unable to identify the cause as you gasp for air. You manage to twist your hand around within Knives’ tight grasp and dig your nails into the back of his hand. Your vision is blurring in and out of focus, your body feeling like it’s on fire and about to collapse. Out of nowhere, Knives pulls out and it takes a moment for your body to realize as he pulls away from you completely.

Somehow, you manage to turn around onto your back again and try to sit up, but Knives quickly catches you and pushes you back down with his hand.

“Let’s try this missionary thing. It’ll make it easier for me to be in control. I can see and explore more of your body all I want. Watch how honestly you react to my touches. You’ll be completely at my mercy, exactly how I want you to be for the rest of your life~.”

As Knives pushes your legs up and wraps them around his hips, he pulls your arms above your head once more with his angel arms, keeping his hands free to caress your body all over. He squeezes your breasts and massages them in his large palms, leaning in and biting at your neck once more, sucking harder on the skin and leaving a bruise that would take a while to fade.

His co*ck twitches against your swollen folds and your body aches to have him inside you again. But you’re afraid of that feeling from before. The way it makes you lose control of everything, lose your sense of reality, it makes you hesitate. Of course, Knives picks up on this nervousness and brings the book closer to you, showing you one of the faded diagrams on the aged pages

“There’s nothing to be afraid of, that feeling means I can get you pregnant much faster. Being able to reach your womb will allow me to cum directly inside you where your body is most likely to accept it. You truly are the perfect partner for this so just relax and let me guide you. I promise I won’t break you too much~.”

Knives chuckles and before you can get a response in, he thrusts into you, hitting your womb right away as your body jolts. Your back arches off the bed and you gasp loudly, your fingers finding the bedsheet and quickly grip onto it for dear life as he starts f*cking you at a brutal pace. Your body feels like it’s going to snap or rip in half as your insides are abused by Knives’ selfishness. He takes one of your nipples in his mouth, bitting into the flesh of your breast while he sucks on the sensitive bud, his tongue quickly flicking and circling it while he does the same to your cl*t in an opposite direction.

Curses and cries for mercy pour from your lips only to fall on deaf ears as he overwhelms you. You can feel your body starting to give once again, unable to handle the intense thrusting anymore as you start to go limp. His angel arms keep your legs wrapped around him and he reaches for your neck again, pressing down on your quickened pulse. He bites and tugs on your nipple before letting go and watching it bounce, repeating it over again, enjoying how you squirm and whine each time he pulls at your soft flesh.

His finger presses on your cl*t as he traces quick little circles over it, touching you just right for your entire body to be trembling with pleasure. You could feel him trying to thrust deeper into you, force your insides open as he takes his hand from your throat. His arm wraps around your back and arches your chest up off the bed as he attacks your neck and shoulders with his mouth, nipping and sucking all over your skin, leaving behind multiple hickeys and bite marks. All of them are low enough that you could cover them with the collar of your uniform, you only worried about all the other times you would be walking around without a high collar.

At the same time, Knives was admiring your neck spotted with markings like you were his greatest art piece. He looked at you with a satisfied grin, pleased with himself for claiming your body. He didn’t understand why he felt the need to do so, it’s not like he had any reason to as you were already his loyal subordinate. Something in his brain simply compelled him to. Now it was telling him to finish and finally cum in you. To claim your body for certain, inside and out.

He leans back on his heels and lowers his hand from your back to your ass, gripping the mound of soft flesh tight and roughly pulling you into his lap as he uses his grip to bounce you on his co*ck. He holds your hips up, f*cking you and touching your cl*t until you can barely even breathe. All you can think about is him, how big his is, how deep you feel him inside of you, and he hears all of it without you needing to speak a single word.

“You’re enjoying this so much, that’s a good girl. Keep focusing on my co*ck thrusting inside of your tight little womb. I’ll let you know when you can cum again so be patient a bit longer and keep your eyes on me.”


“Soon darling, soon. A bit more, I’m almost there.”

“Can’t… c-can’t hold… g-gonna-“

“f*ck I’m about to cum. Tighten your puss* for me. Make sure you take all of my seed.”

Knives lets out a loud, strained groan and his hips stutter to a halt against yours, a warm rush beginning to spread deep inside you as he climaxes. You command your body to do as you were told, using what little strength you could muster to squeeze his co*ck dry for every drop of cum. The sudden tension coupled with him still touching your cl*t sparks your own release as you cry out in pleasure and cum hard. Your body quivers as the shocks come one after another the other, his hand not pulling away and instead going faster in order to push your org*sm to its limits.

Finally, after what feels like an eternity of being suspended in ecstasy, Knives releases you, pulling his angel arms away as you go completely limp on the bed, breathing heavily. The feeling of his co*ck still pulsing inside of you makes you twitch and whimper every so often but there’s nothing you can do to change it.

Knives stays still, catching his breath as well as he leans back on his hands, looking down at you to make sure you’re still alive and breathing. Your body is covered in various cuts and bruises but he came prepared, knowing he might get carried away in the heat of the moment. Grabbing a vial, he breaks the tip off and leans over you, placing the glass against your lips and letting it slowly pour into your mouth as you swallow it down. Your cuts close up soon enough along with the hickeys vanishing as if they were never there in the first place. It makes Knives a bit disappointed but he won’t complain about it out loud.

After a few moments of just breathing filling the room, Knives slowly pulls out and moves away completely, sitting at the edge of the bed while you remain motionless and drained of energy. Having rested enough, Knives stands up and picks up his robe to go clean himself off in an adjacent bathroom. You hear the sound of the shower turning on as you continue to lay there on the messy bed, recounting the passionate event that just took place. It didn’t feel real at first but as Knives’ cum slowly started to leak out, you knew there was no denying that things had changed.

As you turn your head to look out the window, you can see the sky turning a warm orange color as the sun begins to peek over the horizon. The once sparkling stars have faded and the moon is no longer visible in the sky as you close your eyes, feeling sleep start to take you into its comforting arms.

Whatever the future holds (Millions Knives x Fem!Reader) - Sweet_peach_tea (2024)
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