THE ROGUES GALLERY ~ Imminent Crisis: Mirrored (2024)

Raven came from a relatively privileged background, and grew up with his mother, and twin sister, Robin in the suburbs of L.A. Both he and his sister developed a love for the courts, and from the age of ten quickly began pursuing their dream of becoming lawyers; robin would defend the innocent, raven would send down the guilty. They both passed the bar exam the same day, which was to them the happiest day of their lives. While they had both taken separate paths in the field of law, they still respected one another, and both knew that the other would succeed in their chosen path, and fight for justice to be served. At the time, Robin decided that it wouldn't be right if they faced one another in court for fear personal feelings could cloud their judgment, but Raven dismissed her concerns, and just hugged her. They also decided to try not end up involved in a case the other was working on. It was.. Unfortunate how fate decided otherwise, as he later caught wind of how his sister was secretly investigating the case known as the "DL6 incident" a few months later.

She had believed that there was far more to that case than met the eye, and had a hunch that the legendary prosecutor Manfred Von Karma was the guilty party, and sought to find evidence to back up her claim, so she began making "visits" to her little brother at the Prosecutors Office, and trying to have "chats" with a few detectives who went in and out of the evidence room. That could have slipped under the radar, but there was a problem, and the problem was this; Manfred Von Karma was a legend… for all the wrong reasons. For many years, rumours of Manfred's "dealings" were circulating around prosecutors and defence attorneys, these same rumours he himself heard after a month of joining the prosecutor's office, but nobody in either the prosecutor or defence attorney's offices would ever voice them loud enough for Manfred Von Karma to hear, let alone set out on a personal quest to expose the man for what he was: a murderer.

As soon as Raven heard the news of her sister's "mission" he tried everything in his power to dissuade her otherwise. Granted, after reading much on the case, he too had thought that Manfred Von Karma was guilty, but there was no way he would ever risk trying to take on a man like that alone.

Not in a million years. She however tried to reason that too many innocent people were hurt during that case, especially that man, Miles Edgeworth, the son of the victim in that case. He had lost his only family during that case, and had ended up being taken in by Manfred Von Karma, who had raised him to become a man that his father would have hated, a prosecutor who only cared about his "guilty verdict". Even though he feared for his sister's life, it seemed alright… till that fateful November day. He had heard two days before that Manfred was back in town, and would be heading to the prosecutor's office within the next couple of days.

That day, Robin had called him to ask if he would meet with her, so she could show her the evidence at his office. On the phone, she sounded so determined, so sure of herself, so he agreed to meet with her that evening. She arrived at his office at around 9:25pm, but without any evidence, and was clearly frightened. Frightened for her very life, she had begged him to help, but all he said to her was: "He's back tonight; all you can do is lay low for a while, just to make sure that she was safe. She had told him that night that she was going to steer clear of the case once and for all, but that had been a lie. As Raven had later found out, she had arranged a meeting with Manfred to confront him with the evidence, and hopefully get a recorded confession out of him. However, she had since changed her mind, and panicked. She tried to tell her brother the truth, but couldn't find the words, and had instead scribbled a note which read: "Gone to meet him, it is time the truth of the case is revealed to everyone" and slipped it onto his desk where he would find it after she had made a hasty exit.

After promising him that she would lay off the case, she left and began walking home down that alleyway. It was there that she had her life tragically cut short and was left to bleed to death by the infamous serial killer Markus Skylar. And later on, the man "responsible" was put on trial and executed. But something didn't seem right to Raven. Why would a serial killer, known for his swift escape from crime scenes, suddenly hang around a crime scene with his victim?... and also, how could the witnesses that were produced during that trial could have seen the moment so clearly when it was nearly pitch black?.. To him, it didn't make any sense at the time, and surely it had to occur to Miles Edgeworth too, the man prosecuting the case. Clearly, it didn't, as Markus was then executed. Driven by his search for the truth, he later discovered that Markus had received a rather "large sum" in a hidden bank account the morning after the murder.

While he was unable to trace the source, he was personally sure that Manfred had her silenced for good, and had gotten rid of an assassin at the same time. He could only conclude that he had made a deal with Skylar, but had ratted him out and had him sent down by his "apprentice" and adopted son Miles Edgeworth.

Raven was so sure that Miles had to know the truth, and was so angry that he didn't even bother to give Robin the courtesy of looking for the real truth. It was from there he began looking for an opportunity to avenge his sister and take down the two he felt were really responsible; he had intended to have Manfred die somehow, and had planned to go after Miles. Unfortunately, the chance to go after Manfred was stolen from him when he was found guilty the day the DL6 case was resolved, and was executed shortly after that. While yes, he was dead, it wasn't enough, he had to die by his actions.

Later on, he found that Manfred had a daughter whom of which was equally as corrupt prosecutor as him. So he then decided that she would take his place, and die by his hand. Little did he realize, was how by having her murdered, he became exactly like the man he despised.

THE ROGUES GALLERY ~ Imminent Crisis: Mirrored (2024)
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