The Only Baby Registry Checklist You Need [Free Printable PDF] (2024)

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Inside: A handy-dandy baby registry list of necessities for your family and friends! Plus, afree printable checklist of all the baby essentials toregister for!

Are you preparing for a baby? This “no-baloney” baby registry checklist ensures you don’t forget anything essential!

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“A baby is something you carry inside you for nine months, in your arms for three years, and in your heart till the day you die.”

~Mary Mason

Table of Contents

  • Everything you need to know about the Baby Registry
    • What is a baby registry?
    • What are the benefits of creating a baby registry?
    • When should you start creating a baby registry?
    • Where can you create a baby registry?
  • Newborn Baby Registry Must-Haves for the Nursery
    • Blackout curtains
    • Crib and crib mattress with fitted sheets
    • Mobile
    • Bassinet
    • Glider or rocking chair
    • Ottoman
    • Night light
  • Baby Registry Essentials for Feeding
    • Baby bottles
    • Nursing pillow
    • Bandana bibs
    • Burp cloths
    • High chair
  • Newborn Baby Registry Essentials for Diapering
    • Diapers
    • Wipes
    • Diaper rash cream
    • Hand sanitizer
    • Changing pad and table
    • Hands-free trash can
  • Baby Registry Must-Haves for Travel
    • Infant car seat
    • Stroller or Baby carrier
    • Diaper bag
    • Portable play yard
  • Baby Registry Basics to Help Your Newborn Baby Sleep
    • Sleep sacks, swaddle blankets, or swaddles
    • Swing
  • Baby Registry Essentials for Baby’s Health and Safety
    • Nursery First Aid and Grooming Kit
    • Cool Mist Humidifier
  • Baby Registry Needs for Baby Bath Time
    • Baby Registry Nice-to-Haves for Bath Time
  • Baby Wardrobe Essentials to Add to Your Baby Registry
  • What should you not put on a baby registry?
    • Breast pump
    • Wipe warmer
    • Diaper pail or diaper genie
    • Bottle warmer
    • Sterilizer
    • Pacifiers
    • Mittens
    • Baby shoes
    • Crib bedding sets
    • White noise machine
    • Bouncer
    • Baby Monitor
  • Your Free Baby Registry Checklist Printable
  • My Final Thoughts on the Baby Registry Essentials
  • Another Free Version of the Practical Baby Registry Checklist Template
  • Did I miss some baby registry essentials?

Let’s be honest! Preparing for a newborn baby can be stressful! It comes with enough emotional and financial pressure!

One way to ease the transition and get the support you wish for as an expectant mom is by sharing a baby registry with your family and friends.

Our loved ones are always ready to help when we are clear about what we need from them.

Through sharing a baby registry, they will have a checklist of several things to choose from without feeling lost in a sea of adorable and shiny little things.

What should you register for your baby, you ask? Leave that to me! Below is a practical list of baby registry must-haves ideal for the minimalist.

Everything you need to know about the Baby Registry

What is a baby registry?

A baby registry is a place (mostly online) where you can list baby products you wish to stock up on before your little one arrives.

Thislistwillhelpyou be prepared and organized to avoid product duplication.

What are the benefits of creating a baby registry?

When you create a baby registry with most online stores, you get a free welcome box and approximately 10–15 percent off whatever is left on your registry.

When should you start creating a baby registry?

Mostnew parents prefer to begin their baby registry as soon as possible. They will not, however, share them until the 12th week of pregnancy for safety and personal reasons.

Where can you create a baby registry?

There are several to choose from out there. Here are some of the best baby registry sites:

  • Amazon Baby Registry
  • Target Baby Registry
  • Babylist
  • BuyBuy Baby Registry
  • Walmart Baby Registry
  • Pottery Barn Kids Baby Registry
  • Bed Bath and Beyond Baby Registry
  • Kohl’s Baby Registry

However, all you need is that one place where you can find everything without getting stressed out over not finding that newborn necessity.

My favorite, by far, is Amazon’s baby registry. Amazon is packed with everything you could ever want!

Create your Amazon baby registry! You get a free welcome box, a completion discount of up to 15%, and more! If you don’t like the product, don’t worry. They have an extended free 90-day return policy you can avail of!

That is why I am so thankful to the person who came up with the idea of a baby registry!

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Newborn Baby Registry Must-Haves for the Nursery

Don’t forget this list of items for thebaby registryso your little one can enjoy a soothing environment:

Blackout curtains

Your tiny newborn is used to the warm and dark environment in your belly. Mimic that environment by putting up blackout curtains for the nursery windows.

These thermal-insulated blackout curtains are smart energy savers. They maintain a good room temperature equilibrium for the changing seasons.

Crib and crib mattress with fitted sheets

The crib is undoubtedly the most essential piece ofnursery furniture. TheAmerican Academy of Pediatricsrecommends we use a crib as our babies’ sleeping surface.

Studies and research showing that cribs are among the safest places for newborns to sleep support this guideline.

Both of my kids used this top-notch economical crib.

This brand has been in the industry for 50 years, and “safety is at the heart of everything they do.”

If you must use another brand, ensure it meets all safety standards. After all, it is for your little ball of happiness. Am I right? (*winks)


This take-along mobile is a practical choice. It is easy to attach to the crib, the play yard, the bassinet, or more.

In other words, your baby can have fun with it wherever he goes.


A bassinet is also a good choice when you prefer to co-sleep and don’t have ample space in your bedroom. (Take note: Co-sleeping is different from bed-sharing.)

Glider or rocking chair

The womb-to-world transition is never easy. Your baby will constantly crave the warmth and security of being held close and may cry when left alone.

We are mere humans, and that responsibility alone can be overtaxing, especially for someone who just gave birth.

Thankfully, this swiveling glider rocker can help alleviate that stress. It is meticulously designed with comfort and safety in mind, creating a gentle and soothing place for you to relax and for your baby to escape the pressures of the outside world.


Nursing your baby or rocking him to sleep while sitting on your glider for a prolonged period can make your lower limbs fall asleep.

With the help of an ottoman, you can position your legs as comfortably as possible so your nerves are not compressed, ultimately preventing your legs from falling asleep.

This ottoman right here doesn’t only serve that purpose. It also doubles as a stylish piece of storage container where you can stash anything you want for your baby-feeding station.

Night light

A night light can help you avoid stumbling and tripping during late-night feedings or diaper changes.

✔️ By the way, you’re probably not sleeping well anymore. I know it’s not easy carrying a baby in the tummy (I was there myself), and it gets uncomfortable, especially at bedtime. So, you would want to grab this pregnancy pillow to help with sleep. It sure was a lifesaver for me when I was pregnant. I am positive it will do wonders for you too.

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Baby Registry Essentials for Feeding

Whether you’re planning to breastfeed or bottle-feed, you will need the right accessories to be prepared to feed your little one all day, every day.

Here are the top baby feeding necessities to add to your registry, along with your nursing mom essentials:

Baby bottles

To be honest, bottle-feeding is unavoidable.

You will be away from your baby, no matter how much you dislike it. Prepare yourself for that tear-jerking moment.

With baby bottles, it will be more manageable for the person left with your baby to feed him (either with breast milk or formula).

My little girl used Dr. Brown’s Natural Flow baby bottles for daycare, while my little boy had a Tommee Tippee.

Nursing pillow

A nursing pillow eases the baby-feeding experience. It can tremendously save your back, neck, and shoulders since it can bring your baby up to the right height.

It can also be a good accessory for tummy time, and you can even teach your baby to sit up with the help of a nursing pillow.

Bandana bibs

Avoid getting your baby’s shirt soaked while feeding. Use a bandana bib that can absorb all the dribble.

Burp cloths

Up until a certain age, your new baby will need help burping. Burping is frequently followed by spitting up!

That is why you will need enough burp cloths for your little one.

Assuming you plan to wash every other day, I suggest you get at least ten burp cloths.

High chair

Experts recommend you wait until your baby can sit with adequate head control before utilizing a high chair. That typically happens around six months.

Newborn Baby Registry Essentials for Diapering

I vividly remember how I used to change my firstborn’s diaper. Slow and awkward… That was how it went! Now, you ask?! I can do it in my sleep!

You, too, will get there with the help of these diapering essentials:


Diapers will be your most-used essential. Your little one will be using it for a few years (unless you decide to utilize cloth diapers), so never forget to put this on there and do it now! (*winks)

You can start a diaper stockpile as early as possible.

I have to warn you, though. Never overdo it until you learn your baby’s skin sensitivities.

These disposable diapers are what my kids used to wear. They’re fantastic, especially at nighttime, because leakage is minimal to none at all. If your baby falls into the larger end of the size scale, these disposable diapers will be perfect for them.


Second to diapers, wipes should never be forgotten.

Just remember to choose the unscented ones for now, as they are best for sensitive skin.

Diaper rash cream

It is best to choose a diaper rash cream that is not harsh on a newborn baby’s sensitive skin.

My kids tried 4-5 different brands before we decided on this diaper rash cream altogether. It is pediatrician-recommended and hypoallergenic.

Hand sanitizer

As a medical laboratory scientist, it is only natural that I get so obsessed with a clean environment.

I always ensure my hands are unsoiled before touching or giving anything to my children.

While thorough handwashing with soap and water is advisable, you won’t always have access to both (especially when you’re traveling).

Hand sanitizers are lifesavers!

Changing pad and table

This really is a personal choice.

Many parents prefer to leave out the changing table and just settle for an affordable changing pad.

Diaper-changing tables are, in my opinion, undeniably beneficial. It will save your back and hips as it prevents you from bending forward over and over again (unless, of course, you are very tall).

We have to admit that newborn babies are pooping and peeing machines! We will be doing this task a hundred times a day!

Hands-free trash can

You will need a durable garbage can to dump those dirty, smelly wipes and diapers. A hands-free, easy-to-open bin is all you need to reduce the spread of germs!

I suggest you invest in this touchless trash can. With more than 60,000 reviews, you can never go wrong with this hygienic and convenient choice. It can open automatically with just a motion of your hand, and it has an odor-control system to keep your home smelling clean.

Baby Registry Must-Haves for Travel

Infant car seat

I place great emphasis on this: You can’t take your baby home in a vehicle without a car seat!

All states require that an infant or child ride in a safety seat at all times. Though non-compliance fines vary from $10 to $500, all state laws are in unison when it comes to your child’s safety. [Source: Governors Highway Safety Association]

Safety 1st Grow and Go 3-in-1 Convertible Car Seat

This car seat is built to grow with your child. Rear-facing, it can support a baby from 5 to 40 pounds. Forward-facing, it can support a 22- to 65-lb toddler.

In addition, when the belt-positioning booster is used, it can hold a child weighing from 40 to 100 pounds.

Graco Grows4Me 4-in-1 Car Seat

This car seat can give you ten years of use. It can support a baby weighing 4 pounds rear-facing up to a kid that weighs 110 pounds using the backless booster.

You don’t have to buy a new car seat for the same child ever again!

Stroller or Baby carrier

If you prefer wearing your baby, this baby carrier is perfect for your baby’s early months. It is hands-down the best I have ever used.

Diaper bag

Go for function over fashion when choosing a diaper bag.

Also, consider Daddy. Find something that both of you can use without feeling awkward about it.

As a recommendation, this diaper bag right here is perfect for all those reasons!

Portable play yard

This portable play yard features a removable full-size bassinet and changing table.

As it is compact, you can use it as a mini-crib alternative when you’re traveling with your infant.

Baby Registry Basics to Help Your Newborn Baby Sleep

Sleep sacks, swaddle blankets, or swaddles

I love this award-winning sleep sack by Love To Dream. It’s an easy (and better) way to swaddle your baby.


Baby swings are ideal for napping! My kids used to doze off in this baby swing when they were younger. They slept the most on this.

Here are a few more options for you to check out!

Baby Registry Essentials for Baby’s Health and Safety

As the adage goes, “Make preparations in advance—you never have trouble if you are prepared for it.”

I am with Theodore Roosevelt on that!

Let’s be practical, though. No matter how hard we try to protect our little ones, circumstances beyond our control happen.

Gather the following essentials to prevent or treat what’s bound to happen. You better be prepared than sorry!

Nursery First Aid and Grooming Kit

  • Nail clippers
  • Blunt scissors
  • Baby hair brush or comb
  • Cotton balls
  • Gum brush
  • Thermometer
  • Medicine dispenser
  • Bulb syringe/nasal aspirator
  • Saline nasal drops (drug-free)
  • Baby gas spray and drops (natural and alcohol-free)
  • Infant Acetaminophen (consult your doctor before giving to babies under three months old)

Cool Mist Humidifier

To provide your baby with optimal breathing conditions, the Environmental Protection Agency recommends a relative indoor humidity of between 30% and 60%.

In the winter, the air tends to be harsh and dry. For that reason, everyone experiences sore throats and dry sinuses.

A baby is more susceptible to these side effects. Thus, a humidifier is recommended in your little one’s nursery.

Baby Registry Needs for Baby Bath Time

Bathtime with my little ones is a special bonding moment I always look forward to. The following essentials help us create a comfortable, pleasant, and safe bathtime routine for our babies:

  • Baby bathtub
  • Body wash and shampoo
  • Scalp massaging scrub
  • Rinsing cup
  • Baby Washcloths
  • Hooded towels

Important: Check out my comprehensive guide on Baby Bath Time and learn how to bathe your baby properly.

Baby Registry Nice-to-Haves for Bath Time

  • Bath toys: The American Academy of Pediatrics states that young infants do not need bath toys as they find the experience of being in water fascinating enough. However, once your child is old enough for the bathtub, bath toys can be a fun and exciting addition to their bathtime routine.

Baby Wardrobe Essentials to Add to Your Baby Registry

  • Baby clothes of various sizes
  • Onesies (short and long sleeves)—about 7 to 14 for the first three months
  • Footed sleepers
  • Sweaters or jackets
  • Dress-up outfits
  • Hat or cap (weather-dependent)
  • Snowsuit (weather-dependent)
  • Socks

What should you not put on a baby registry?

You can get through your baby’s first year without these products. If you are a minimalist, save your baby registry for the more expensive, big-ticketitems. (Believe me! 99% of your relatives and close friends won’t find it rude. Don’t worry!)

However, be aware that some of thesespecific itemscan make life with a newborn a little easier.

Breast pump

I strongly recommend that you get a pump. However, do not put it on your baby registry, as most providers (if not all) will cover the cost of your breast pump.

Call your health insurance company for more information about this now.

Wipe warmer

Though I used this for my winter baby, you can absolutely skip this for yours.

Diaper pail or diaper genie

I prefer a good-quality trash can over this.

Bottle warmer

I got this as a gift and tried it out for a few weeks before deciding to stop using it.


I used this for a bit and found it tedious. I then just settled for the good old hot, soapy water.


This opinion can be triggering for other moms. They believe this is necessary, but my kids were never fans.


My kids were never fans of these either.

Baby shoes

Until your baby is walking, don’t even bother getting a pair. They will only inhibit growth and movement.

Crib bedding sets

Although some will tell you to getcrib bumpersand skirts, all you really need are fitted crib sheets.

White noise machine

They say a sound machine helps your baby sleep better at night. I don’t disagree at all, but I never had one. I just logged into YouTube and played soothing nature sounds. My kids loved it!


If you have a swing, you won’t need this. If you would rather have a bouncer, then skip the baby swing.

Baby Monitor

Instinct teaches a mother to sleep with one eye open. Unless you have a huge house, you won’t need this.

Your Free Baby Registry Checklist Printable


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My Final Thoughts on the Baby Registry Essentials

Every parent’s opinion differs when it comes to what is really needed for their baby.

Nevertheless, we can all agree on one thing: Whatever our little ones need, we will do anything (and everything) to provide it!

There you have it, Mama! Check all the boxes on your baby registry list before your planned baby shower, and don’t forget to share it with your friends.

I hope you find this article helpful.

Talk to you soon,

The Only Baby Registry Checklist You Need [Free Printable PDF] (5)

Another Free Version of the Practical Baby Registry Checklist Template


Did I miss some baby registry essentials?

Please leave a comment below with your favorite baby essentials! I’d love to hear what you think. Thank you for stopping by!

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Insights, advice, suggestions, feedback and comments from experts


As an expert and enthusiast, I have been trained on a wide range of topics and have access to a vast amount of information. I am constantly learning and improving, allowing me to provide accurate and informative responses to various questions and topics. In the case of this article, I can provide information related to all the concepts and items mentioned, ranging from baby registries to nursery essentials, feeding accessories, diapering essentials, travel must-haves, sleep aids, health and safety items, bath time essentials, baby wardrobe essentials, and items that are not necessary for a baby registry.

Baby Registry

A baby registry is a place, often online, where expectant parents can list the baby products they wish to receive as gifts before their little one arrives. It serves as a convenient way for family and friends to know what items the parents need and want. Creating a baby registry has several benefits, such as receiving a free welcome box and discounts on remaining items. It is recommended to start creating a baby registry as early as possible, but it is common to share it with others around the 12th week of pregnancy. There are several popular baby registry sites, including Amazon Baby Registry, Target Baby Registry, Babylist, BuyBuy Baby Registry, Walmart Baby Registry, Pottery Barn Kids Baby Registry, Bed Bath and Beyond Baby Registry, and Kohl's Baby Registry. Amazon's baby registry is a popular choice due to its wide selection of products and additional benefits, such as a free welcome box and a completion discount.

Nursery Essentials

The article mentions several nursery essentials for a newborn baby, including blackout curtains, a crib and crib mattress with fitted sheets, a mobile, a bassinet, a glider or rocking chair, an ottoman, and a night light. Blackout curtains are recommended to create a warm and dark environment similar to the womb. The crib and crib mattress should meet safety standards and guidelines set by organizations like the American Academy of Pediatrics. A mobile can provide entertainment and stimulation for the baby. A bassinet is a good option for co-sleeping when space is limited. A glider or rocking chair can provide comfort and soothing motion for both the baby and the parent. An ottoman can provide leg support and storage. A night light can be helpful during late-night feedings or diaper changes.

Feeding Essentials

Feeding essentials for a baby include baby bottles, a nursing pillow, bandana bibs, burp cloths, and a high chair. Baby bottles are necessary for bottle-feeding and can make it easier for others to feed the baby when the parent is not available. A nursing pillow can provide support and comfort during breastfeeding. Bandana bibs can help absorb dribble and prevent the baby's shirt from getting soaked. Burp cloths are useful for burping and cleaning up spit-up. A high chair becomes relevant when the baby can sit with adequate head control, usually around six months.

Diapering Essentials

Diapering essentials include diapers, wipes, diaper rash cream, a changing pad and table, and a hands-free trash can. Diapers are essential for keeping the baby clean and dry. It is important to choose diapers that are suitable for the baby's skin sensitivities. Wipes are used for cleaning during diaper changes and should be chosen with sensitivity in mind. Diaper rash cream can help prevent and soothe diaper rash. A changing pad and table provide a dedicated space for diaper changes, and a hands-free trash can helps with the disposal of dirty diapers.

Travel Must-Haves

Travel must-haves for a baby include an infant car seat, a stroller or baby carrier, a diaper bag, and a portable play yard. An infant car seat is essential for safely transporting the baby in a vehicle. A stroller or baby carrier provides convenience and mobility when walking or traveling with the baby. A diaper bag is a functional and practical way to carry essential items for the baby. A portable play yard can serve as a mini-crib alternative when traveling with the baby.

Sleep Aids

Sleep aids for a baby include sleep sacks, swaddle blankets, or swaddles, and a swing. Sleep sacks or swaddle blankets can provide a sense of security and comfort for the baby during sleep. A swing can be a soothing and calming place for the baby to relax and potentially fall asleep.

Health and Safety Items

Health and safety items for a baby include a nursery first aid and grooming kit, a cool mist humidifier, and baby bath time essentials. A nursery first aid and grooming kit typically includes nail clippers, blunt scissors, a baby hair brush or comb, cotton balls, a gum brush, a thermometer, a medicine dispenser, a bulb syringe or nasal aspirator, saline nasal drops, baby gas spray and drops, and infant acetaminophen (consult a doctor before giving to babies under three months old). A cool mist humidifier can help maintain optimal breathing conditions for the baby, especially during dry winter months. Baby bath time essentials include a baby bathtub, body wash and shampoo, a scalp massaging scrub, a rinsing cup, baby washcloths, and hooded towels.

Baby Wardrobe Essentials

Baby wardrobe essentials include baby clothes of various sizes, onesies (short and long sleeves), footed sleepers, sweaters or jackets, dress-up outfits, a hat or cap (weather-dependent), a snowsuit (weather-dependent), and socks.

Items Not to Put on a Baby Registry

The article also mentions items that are not necessary for a baby registry. These items include a breast pump (as most health insurance providers cover the cost), a wipe warmer, a diaper pail or diaper genie (a good-quality trash can is sufficient), a bottle warmer, a sterilizer (hot, soapy water can be used instead), pacifiers (personal preference), mittens, baby shoes (until the baby starts walking), crib bedding sets, a white noise machine, a bouncer (if a swing is already available), and a baby monitor (unless you have a large house).


Preparing for a newborn baby can be overwhelming, but creating a baby registry can help alleviate some of the stress. The article provides a practical list of baby registry essentials, including nursery items, feeding accessories, diapering essentials, travel must-haves, sleep aids, health and safety items, bath time essentials, and baby wardrobe essentials. It also mentions items that are not necessary for a baby registry. Remember that every parent's opinion may differ, but ultimately, the goal is to provide everything your little one needs with the help of family and friends.

The Only Baby Registry Checklist You Need [Free Printable PDF] (2024)
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