The Best Gender Reveal Games (2024)

The Most Popular Gender Reveal Games

As part of planning your gender reveal party, you need to decide how you want to entertain your guests. Of course, they're attending to take part in the reveal itself but it’s a good idea to plan to play two or three games and activities leading up to the main event. These options are both fun and simple. Consider these the best Gender Reveal Party Games!

Old Wives' Tale Gender Reveal

Let your guests use some of the more popular old wives' tales to try to determine the sex of your baby. The Old Wives Tale gender reveal game is printable that lists a series of tall tales related to determining the gender of a baby. For example, if you crave salty foods during your pregnancy, you would have a boy, but if you crave sweets, you would have a girl.

The printable includes a long list of old wives' tales like this with the words “boy” and “girl” written next to them in blue and pink, respectively. Your guests have to guess whether the wives' tale listed indicates the pregnant woman will have a boy or a girl. The one with the most correct answers at the end of the game, wins!

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Chinese Gender Reveal Predictor

To keep with the spirit of old wives' tales, you should also consider adding a few more to the mix. For example, after your guests play the printable game, you could tie a ring to a string, hold it over the mom-to-be's belly, and watch which way it swings — if the ring moves in a circle, the baby is a girl and if it moves straight, it’s a boy. It might also be fun to look at a Chinese gender calendar chart with your guests to see if it says you’re having a boy or a girl. Chinese Gender Calendars are one of the most popular ways to predict the sex of your baby. Check out our very own Gender Reveal Celebrations Chinese Calendar below.

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He or She Gender Reveal Game

The He or She gender reveal game doubles as your reveal and entertainment for the guests. The game is a large board covered with 16 pink and blue squares. A black balloon is attached to each square, and five of these balloons have confetti or powder in them to indicate the baby’s gender.

If the baby is a girl, you would fill three balloons with pink powder and two with blue. If the baby is a boy, you fill three balloons with blue powder and two with pink. The rest of the balloons are simply filled with air. Then, you can either pop the balloons, one-by-one in any random order, with a pin or by throwing darts at them. Because there are several air-filled balloons and you have to get three of the same color for the reveal to be complete, the game builds anticipation and excitement.

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Gender Reveal Photo Props

Let your guests get in on the fun with gender reveal-related photo props. To keep things simple, have guests take pictures with their phones and post them to Instagram tagging the parents. Tell them to have fun and get creative with their photos. You could even give a prize to the person with the best photo to encourage participation. We guarantee some of the best Gender Reveal Party photos will come from these props!

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Custom SnapChat Geo Filters

Purchase a custom SnapChat Geo Filter to keep those who couldn’t make it to the event in the loop. Use the filter for all of the images you post leading up to the reveal and for the final image of the reveal itself.

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He or She Scratch Cards

He or She Scratch Cards can be used at the party as the reveal or you can mail them to loved ones who couldn’t make it to the event. They are simple scratch off cards that, when scratched reveal the gender of your baby. This way it’s a surprise for each person scratching the card. Remember, if you’re mailing the cards to loved ones who couldn’t make it to your party, be sure not to post the reveal on social media right away.

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Gender Reveal Guestbook

Don’t forget to get a Gender Reveal guestbook for your party so you can look back and remember the event. Let each attendee sign the book and write a short message when they arrive. You could also have them indicate in the book whether they think the baby is a boy or a girl. That way when you look through it years later, you’ll remember each person’s guess.

Ultimately, the goal of a gender reveal party is to celebrate the birth of your new baby with the people you love the most. While the event doesn’t have to be elaborate, having a few activities and games to play helps make it memorable for everyone in attendance.

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The Best Gender Reveal Games (2024)
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