Michelada Recipe - Dill Pickle Micheladas. Spicy, Sour, Super Refreshing! (2024)

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I absolutely love this Dill Pickle Michelada recipe. It’s So refreshing, and leaves you smacking your lips. Admittedly, I’m not much of a “bruncher”, but I could get down with this michelada any morning, day, or night.

If your not huge on the idea of tomato juice co*cktails, I can sympathize. I have a vivid memory of watching my grandpa mixing up a bloody mary, and I remember thinking why on earth would someone choose to drink tomato juice! Then, years later, I had my first sip, and I understood. My world was opened to the Bloody Mary! I hadn’t quite learned my lesson however, and had a similar reaction to a michelada. Thinking Beer and tomato juice? No way! Again, after opening my mind and trying it, I became hooked! They are an absolute flavor explosion! And you should really try one now! Let’s talk more about what exactly a michelada is, and how to make your own.

What is a Michelada?

Micheladas are a popular mexican drink combining tomato juice or puree and other savory ingredients and topping them with a crisp, light cerveza (Mexican beer). The base can vary, but typically, they are built on tomato or clamato juice. Originally a simple street drink, micheladas are now elevated to a new status and are commonly found being crafted in high end bars.

Ingredients in a dill pickle michelada.

Now that we know what makes this michelada recipe unique, lets talk about the rest of the ingredients, and the roll they play!

  • Clamato – This is our main base. It is a mixture of tomato juice and clam juice (yes, clams, and it is delicious).
  • Hot Sauce – Spice is an important element to this drink, and our main source is from Tobasco, a hot sauce made from peppers, vinegar, and salt. Here, it gives us our heat, and a vinegar pop.
  • Worcestershire – An english, fermented liquid condiment made from malt and spirit vinegar, molasses, garlic, anchovies and other ingredients. Great for marinating meats, and also found in many sauces and other dishes, and brings an extra umami element to this drink.
  • Dill Pickles – Salty, tart, and full of flavor. We are using the brine for our mix, and a pickle spear for our garnish.
  • Fresh Dill – This herb is what gives our pickles their signature flavor and namesake. We are chopping some up to reinforce the flavor and add some freshness to our base, and using a sprig as garnish as well.
  • Black Pepper – I love fresh cracked black pepper. It has a great peppery flavor, and opens your nasal cavity, which helps enhance taste!
  • Sea Salt – One of two ingredients for our salt rim. I like to grind coarse sea salt down to a more manageable size. Enough to still have plenty of texture, but able to stick to the rim, and start dissolving as you sip.
  • Cerveza – For an authentic michelada, use an authentic mexican cerveza. Basically a crisp light lager. Obviously our alcoholic component. The carbonation from the cerveza also lightens everything up, and is what makes this drink so refreshing.

Calamato or tomato juice?

The age old debate rages on. Should your michelada base be constructed from plain ole tomato juice, or clamato (tomato and clam juice mix)? At the end of the day, both work well, but clamato adds a layer of depth and umami that you will miss with plain tomato juice. However, that is easily balanced with an addition of a little extra worcestershire or soy sauce. But if you want to try this michelada recipe my way, go for the clamato!

Best kind of Beer to use.

Any light beer will work for this michelada recipe, but to get the authentic experience, go for a true mexican Cervesa. My personal favorite is Modelo.

What makes this a Dill Pickle Michelada?

Really, this recipe isn’t that far off from a classic michelada, other than the addition of fresh dill, and pickle juice. Dill pickles are sour, and carry a fair amount of sodium, giving them a salty flavor as well. To keep things balanced, we’re taking out the usual soy sauce, and replacing it with the pickle juice. The fresh dill helps reinforce this flavor, and adds a bit of freshness.

Making the Dill Pickle Micheladas!

How to get the perfect salt rim.

No small part of the experience, a good salt rimmed glass takes this dill pickle michelada to the next level. When done right, it gives each sip an extra textural, and flavor element that is crazy delicious. If you’ve never rimmed a glass before, it’s really easy. Here’s how to do it perfectly every time!

Run a lime around the rim.

Michelada Recipe - Dill Pickle Micheladas. Spicy, Sour, Super Refreshing! (3)

Grab a lime wedge, and slice it across the middle to open it up. Grab your glass, and put the lime wedge on the rim. Run it around the entire rim, to let the juices moisten the glass. This helps the salt stick!

Dip your glass in the salt.

Michelada Recipe - Dill Pickle Micheladas. Spicy, Sour, Super Refreshing! (4)

Next, pour your salt mixture onto a small plate, then dip the juiced rim of your glass into the salt. Twist back and forth, and move the glass around a but to make sure you get a nice even coat. That’s it!

How to make the micheladas

Now that you know how to get the perfect salt rim, the rest of this michelada recipe is pretty simple! Combine all the base ingredients in a pitcher, and mix well. Grab your salt rimmed glasses, and fill with ice. Divide the mix between the glasses, then top with the beer. Garnish, serve, and get ready smack your lips!

Mix or Top?

When serving your dill pickle micheladas, you have two options. Pour the beer in and mix everything up before serving, or, top with the beer, and let your guest mix as they please. I’m partial to simply topping and serving. I think it has a better visual impact, since you see the deep red of the base, and get a sort of ombre effect towards the top of the glass. I also like me beer, and have been known to take a few sips, then top off the glass again. Do whatever you want, either way, they will be great!

How to garnish a dill pickle michelada.

Michelada Recipe - Dill Pickle Micheladas. Spicy, Sour, Super Refreshing! (5)

Gaining in popularity, michelada’s have begun following the bloody mary’s footsteps to a brunch heavy hitter with outlandish garnishes piled high. In truth, that is often just hiding a pretty crappy michelada. When done right, you don’t need to dress it up with a double bacon slider on a stick. A simple garnish of lime and a pickle, with a little sprig of dill for freshness will do for this drink!

Dill Pickle Michelada Recipe


Michelada Recipe - Dill Pickle Micheladas. Spicy, Sour, Super Refreshing! (6)

Dill Pickle Micheladas

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Spicy, Sour, and Intensely Refreshing! This recipe uses fresh dill, and dill pickles to create some lip smacking micheladas!



For the Micheladas

  • 12 Oz Cerveza (light beer)
  • 12 Oz Clamato (or tomato juice)
  • 2 Tbsp fresh squeezed Lime Juice
  • 2 Tbsp Dill Pickle Juice
  • 1 Tbsp Worcestershire
  • 3 Tsp Tobasco (or similar Hot Sauce)
  • 1 Sprig fresh Dill, finely chopped
  • 1 Tsp cracked Black Pepper
  • Ice for the glasses

For the Rim

  • Sea Salt (enough to cover bottom of a small plate)
  • 2 Tsp Tajin
  • 2 Tsp Chili Powder
  • Lime Wedge

For the Garnish

  • 2 Sprigs Fresh Dill
  • 2 Dill Pickle spears
  • 2 Lime wheels


  1. On a small plate, add enough salt to cover the bottom, tajin, and chili powder and mix together.
  2. Run the lime wedge around the rim of two glasses, then dip each into the salt mixture, rotating and rolling to evenly coat.
  3. Fill glasses 3/4 with ice.
  4. DivideClamato, Worcestershire, Lime Juice, Pickle Juice, Hot Sauce, Black Pepper, and Fresh Dill between the two glasses, and top with the beer.
  5. Garnish with Lime wheel, Dill Pickle spear, and fresh Dill


I like my micheladas spicy, so I usually add an extra dash or two of hot sauce. You can leave topped with beer and let your guest mix as they please, or mix everything together before serving.

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  • Cuisine: mexican

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I hope this hit the spot for you! Serve it up with a batch of Elote Corn Fritters, or a bow of Smoked Hatch Chili Queso! Next time, try our Southern Blueberry Whiskey Smash. Please let me know your thoughts in the comments, and drop a 5 star rating! If you loved this recipe, spread the love, and share it on social!

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Michelada Recipe - Dill Pickle Micheladas. Spicy, Sour, Super Refreshing! (2024)
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