LIVE! Kingpyn ‘High Stakes’ Results, Streaming Fight Coverage (2024)

While the biggest boxing match of 2023 between undefeated knockout artists Gervonta Davis and Ryan Garcia goes down later TONIGHT (Sat., April 22, 2023) inside T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada, there will be some other boxing action going down across the pond earlier in the day.

Kingpyn‘s “High Stakes” tournament will kick off inside OVO Arena Wembley in London, England, featuring several matchups pitting together some of the worlds biggest social media and YouTube influencers against each other. will deliver LIVE coverage of the ‘AnEsonGib vs. McBroom 2’ main event below. The pay-per-view (PPV) main card broadcast kicks off on Kingpyn.TV at 1 p.m. ET, with the headliners expected to make their way to the ring around 5 p.m. ET.

The main event will feature a rematch between English YouTuber, AnEsonGib, facing off against fellow influencer, Austin McBroom. The two initially faced off in Sept. 2022, which saw Gib knockout McBroom in the fourth round. The two were paired up for the opening round of the “High Stakes” tournament via random draw.

There will be three other men’s quarterfinal matchups to go along with four women’s fights, who are also partaking in the tournament. A fight between controversial rapper/boxer, Blueface, taking on Ed Matthews is not part of the tournament.

AnEsonGib vs Austin McBroom - Gib via third-round TKO — HIGHLIGHTS
Whindersson Nunes vs Filip Marcinek - Nunes via second-round TKO
Blueface vs Ed Matthews - Blueface via fourth-round TKO — HIGHLIGHTS
Daniella Hemsley vs Jully Poca -Poca via unanimous decision
Elle Brooke vs Ms. Danielka - Brooke via unanimous decision
Jarvis vs Tom Zanetti - Jarvis via third-round TKO
My Mate Nate vs King Kenny - Kenny via second-round TKO
Barbie vs Whitney Johns - Barbie via unanimous decision
Emily Brooke vs Amber O’Donnell - Brooke via unanimous decision

AnEsonGib vs. Austin McBroom

Round one: Gib working his jab and throws a wild right hand. McBroom looking a bit more relaxed, while Gib seems a bit anxious. Nice left hand lands for McBroom. Gib feinting quite a bit, trying to measure his distance, get past the reach of McBroom. Gib comes in with a lead right hand, three-punch combo. Gib seems to be throwing more at the moment, but he isn’t landing a ton of clean shots. McBroom evades a shot to the body and whiffs on his counter right hand. 10-9 Gib

Round two: McBroom with a jab to the body. Gib pumping his jab to get in, misses on a body shot. Great body movement from McBroom. Gib throwing several shots at a time. McBroom throws a huge right hand and narrowly misses. They clinch in the center of the ring. Gib tries to sneak in some shots during the break. Double jab again from Gib and McBroom lands a right hook. Gib trying to work the body, cutting off the ring nicely in the process. Two huge shots to the body land for Gib and McBroom tries to counter but his haymakers miss. McBroom lands a lead hook and Gib looks dazed. McBroom goes in for the kill but Gib recovers as the round comes to an end. 10-9 McBroom

Round three: Gib comes rushing at McBroom and they clinch. McBroom evades a left hand and throws an uppercut. Gib trying to gauge his distance as he bull rushes McBroom, who is quick with the clinch. Gib is throwing some heat, and McBroom clinches again. Gib lands a left hook and McBroom clinches again. Gib ties McBroom up in the corner and McBroom is complaining to the ref about something. McBroom looks tired and he eats a huge flush left hook. Gib starting to put on the pressure and McBroom is hurt. He is getting a standing eight count, but he was never dropped, he simply turns his back and is screaming in pain. The ref is talking to McBroom, who isn’t even looking at him. The fight is waved off. McBroom has suffered an apparent injury, though it is not yet confirmed what.

Final result: Gib def. McBroom via third-round technical knockout (TKO) — HIGHLIGHTS!

WOW! @whindersson stops Filipek at the very end of round 2! #KingpynQF | TONIGHT, LIVE ON PPV FROM 7PM | OVO Arena Wembley | Buy NOW!

— KINGPYN BOXING (@kingpynboxing) April 22, 2023

Whinderson Nunes vs. Filipek

Round one: Filipek with a double jab, Whinderson working his own. Overhand right from Filipek gets nothing but air. The Brazilians in the crowd are going crazy from the jump. Filipek lands a one-two combo. Nunes isn’t as technical, but he’s pressing the action. Nunes is starting to catch his rhythm and is landing some heavy shots. A right hook send Filipek to the ropes. Nunes still talking and Filipek goes to the body. Nice right hand and then a left to the body land for Nunes. 10-9 Nunes

Round two: Filipek comes out throwing haymakers, but Nunes’ head movement is on point. Nunes with a shot to the body, upstairs with a right and he drops Filipek. Standing eight count and Filipek comes out for more. Nunes with a right jab, a left hand and then follows it up with a huge shot to the body and he drops Filipek with a solid right hand. Three solid jabs for Nunes, then a huge right hand sneaks through. Two-punch combo to the body rocks Filipek, who is backing up. Nunes is still pressing forward and he lands and overhand right hand, follows it up with a left hook. Another shot to the body lands flush for Nunes and then he lands a huge left hook to the body and the referee puts an end to the fight. What a performance from Whinderson Nunes.

Final result: Nunes def. Filipek via second-round technical knockout

ITS ALL OVER! @liljarviss stops Tom Zanetti in round 3!#KingpynQF | TONIGHT, LIVE ON PPV FROM 7PM | OVO Arena Wembley | Buy NOW!

— KINGPYN BOXING (@kingpynboxing) April 22, 2023

Jarvis vs. Tom Zanetti

Round one: Jab from Jarvis lands right away. Zanetti digs to the body and they clinch. And the stream cuts out.......We are back, one minute has passed. Overhand right from Jarvis lands and Zanetti felt that one. Nice hook to the body lands for Jarvis as the round comes to an end. 10-9 Jarvis

Round two: They meet in the center of the ring and they start exchanging haymakers. Zanetti is already breathing hard. Jarvis looks good, blocking all of Zanetti’s shots. Jarvis being a bit patient now, playing defense. A right hand sneaks through for Zanetti. Jarvis send his foe to the ropes with a huge body shot. Three-punch combo, head and body from Jarvis. Zanetti hanging tough as he eats big jab. One-two lands for Jarvis. Zanetti still trying to push the pace as he lands a left hook. Zanetti the busier fighter here, and it shows because he is breathing hard. Looping shots from Zanetti. 10-9 Zanetti

Round three: Zanetti is still pushing forward but his shots are getting sloppier. Jarvis clinches and digs to the body. One-two upstairs for Jarvis. Zanetti eating several big shots and Zanetti has him in the corner, tagging him with shots to the body. Zanetti is throwing everything he can, but nothing is really landing. Zanetti separates and he waves off the fight himself. He can’t go any longer, he’s exhausted.

Final result: Jarvis def. Zanetti via third-round technical knockout (TKO)

OMG! @KingKennyTv stops MyMateNate early in the second after successive knockdowns!#KingpynQF | TONIGHT, LIVE ON PPV FROM 7PM | OVO Arena Wembley | Buy NOW!

— KINGPYN BOXING (@kingpynboxing) April 22, 2023

My Mate Nate vs. King Kenny

Round one: Kenny opens up with a jab. Nate swarms in wildly and they clinch. Kenny looks very confident with the size and reach advantage. One-two lands for Nate, didn’t faze Kenny one bit. They clinch and Kenny works the body and he rocks Nate with a huge left hook. Kenny lands another one-two and Nate clinches and he slips on the canvas. No knockdown. Stiff jab from Kenny stops Nate in his tracks. Left hook and for Kenny then a huge shot to the body. That bothered Nate. 10-9 Kenny

Round two: Kenny opens up with a huge right hook and Nate goes down! Nice shot. He is up to his feet and down he goes again! The referee has seen enough and he steps in to put an end to the fight.

Final result: Kenny def. Nate via second-round technical knockout (TKO)

For more boxing-related news and notes click here.

LIVE! Kingpyn ‘High Stakes’ Results, Streaming Fight Coverage (2024)
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