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Two things. Thursday’s spoiler will follow later this evening. I fell asleep doing this recap shortly after midnight last night. I am visiting my two adorable grandchildren on the East Coast (who I finally got to meet the week my granddaughter turned two! Thanks Covid!)

Also, today as I proudly wear my orange ‘Every Child Matters’ T-shirt, we in Canada celebrate our 2nd annual Truth and Reconciliation Day. I rarely delve into sociatal commentarty but I’m feeling especially ‘schmoopy’ today so here goes. We came to this continent uninvited. It was not ‘discovered’, it was invaded. If you are not Native American, at some point your families were immigrants. If you are ‘priviledged’ enough to be white, there’s a good chance your ancestors benefitted from people brought here as slaves. Truth and Reconciliation or Critical Race Theory is nothing to be afraid of. There’s nothing wrong in admitting we’ve treated ‘different’ people wrong. It should make us uncomfortable. History should never be forgotten, or repeated. We, in our lifetimes anyway, will live and die together on the same planet. I have PRIDE in who we are (no one should be treated differently because of who they are, who they love OR who they pray to) Finally VOTE, VOTE, VOTE and Героям слава! Slava Ukraini! Glory to Ukraine! Glory to the heroes! Send me no hate or hate mail please. And remember that the time you took to read that, took me much longer away from my grandbabies that I’m off to hug now !!!


Walking his stepmom down the aisle, Harrison steals the show. Mariah, Tessa and Noah officiate. In a satin pink, feather embellished dress, Summer joins Kyle at a beautifully decorated

Diane’s Mystery Man is in his suite. The countdown begins, he says to himself as he straps his watch on.

Oh, Noah’s up front because he’s also saying a few words. Tessa can’t sing but speaks some lyrics she wrote this morning.

In the park, Chelsea and Connor wait for Adam. But, since he can’t join them because he’s stuck at Jabot, Chelsea decides to tell Connor important news that could change his life – for the better, she hopes.

You are the greatest joy of my life, Chelsea butters Connor up before telling him that she had a baby boy before she had him. She gave him to a family would take good care of him. That baby is your cousin, Johnny.

As Mystery Man decides which suit to wear, Summer and Kyle speak to one another from the heart with love and humour. I will love your forever, he says in Italian.

Having chosen a suit, Mystery Man talks on the phone. He’s on his way and ‘Hell, yeah I wanna make an entrance.

You just handed him over to Vikki and Billy? Connor tries to wrap his head around this bombshell. Yes, Johnny knows – he learned the truth a few days ago. You and Johnny being half brothers might bring us all together – as family.

Connor’s furious – what did I do wrong? Not wanting to hear anything more, he orders his Mom to take him back to the ranch.

Nick says a few words. Beside him, Phyllis goes next, then Jack (seated with Diane and Traci). followed by Diane. No sooner are the I Do’s over, than a helicopter lands.

Hope I didn’t miss the festivities, the Mystery Man turns out to be Tucker Carlson. You’re not welcome, Jack makes clear. Tucker takes it all in – this is beautiful. Diane Jenkins – he’s happy to see her looking good. Ashley’s not here, so get off my property, Jack demands.

Tucker just wants to give Kyle and Summer a gift – that neither one want – keys to a vintage Bentley. Try it out, he forces the keys into Kyle’s hand and lets everyone know he’ll be sticking around. Out front, Tucker asks when Ashley will be back. He wants to make amends. She’ll want to hear what I have to say. The wedding guests mingle and gossip – Mariah reminds that Devon is Tucker’s Father – maybe he’s here for Dom.

Now at CL’s, Chelsea calls Billy – can you come talk to me? she cries. I can’t get anything right. OK, he can sneak out for a bit – stay where you are, I’ll be there in a bit.

Meeting Billy at CL’s Chelsea fears she’s made a big mistake in telling Connor. Now I’ve alienated both boys. Billy has an idea.

As the guests dance, Nikki compliments Jack on the way he handled Tucker. He asks about her trip to LA. It was to get a dress for Summer. Knowing that Diane’s worried about it, Nikki says this if Jack really believes her life in LA was squeaky clean, then he has nothing to worry about

Diane can’t believe the nerve of Tucker. Jack’s sure that he’s not just here to speak to Ashley – he’s up to something.

Vikki and Nick wonder if Tucker’s back because of CW going public. We need to let Dad know.

Sneaking inside the house, Nikki updates Phyllis that according to Deacon, Diane was being driven around LA in a Bentley. She almost fell over when Tucker gave keys to the same car to Kyle and Summer. Private Image Limited. Both are more determined to expose her secret.

As he did with Amanda a few years ago, Billy’s brought Chelsea onto TGP roof to scream so loud into the night that she’s left gasping for air.

Back at the Abbott after-party, Vikki asks Traci where Billy’s gone. She assumes he had buisness ot take care of.

As all are taking photos, Nikki brings Master Harrison out with a handmade card full of coupons for hugs and kisses for Kyle and Summer. The group hug is heart-meltingly cute.

Diane’s snuck off to read a text from Tucker-her secret is safe as long as she sends him a text the minute Ashley gets back. When Phyllis sneaks up on her, she decides it time to go mingle – but can hardly miss Phyllis and Nikki raising a glass to each other from a few feet away.

Friday, September 30th, 2022 – Toni's Young and Restless Spoiler Site (2024)
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