We have an updated Baby Registry Checklist 2022 and a Printable PDF Baby Registry Checklist 2022 that's going to make creating a baby registry so much easier for you!

As we've done in previous years, we like to go through the past year's list and update the baby registry checklist to make sure we are including the most relevant baby registry itemsbecause we know how important it is to get the registry right.

One question that constantly pops up is," Why do we need a baby registry"? You can certainly go without registering for gifts. However, your friends and family will want to celebrate the baby and get gifts for the little one. Rather than getting duplicate gifts or getting items that wouldn't be useful, a baby registry ensures everyone is on the same page. A registry lets everyone know what baby items you'll find helpful, what you don’t need and what others have already purchased for you.

Now, there's many places where you can register for baby gifts. When looking around for the best place to create a baby registry, consider the brands they carry, the price point, convenience, ease of use, shipping and other registry benefits. One of our favorite places to create a baby registry is with They practically carry almost all brands, their prices are competitive, shipping times can't be beat and they have some amazing incentives for creating a baby registry.

If you create an Amazon Baby Registry, you'll be relieved to know that the gifts can be returned within one year and of course, the gift giver will never find out about it. You'll receive a 15% completion discount if you are a Prime member, 10% if you are not. You can also add items from any site to your Amazon Registry using Universal Registry. Check out the Amazon Baby Registry here!

While there's many things to do, as you prepare for baby's arrival, registering for baby gifts should be near the top of your to do list and one of the first tasks you should tackle. There are thousands and thousands of baby items, so it can be quite confusing as to what to put on your baby registry.

This 2022 Baby Registry Checklist, will ensure you are registering for everything you'll need to take care of your little one. This ultimate baby registry list 2022 includes everything from nursery essentials to baby gear and clothing. Regardless of what you decide to register for or where you create the baby registry, enjoy the process and have fun along the way!



Designing a nursery and setting up the space is one of the most exciting tasks ahead. Here's everything you'll need to create a baby room that's functional, efficient and safe.

  • Bassinet- For the first few months at least, you'll need a bassinet or a co-sleeper like this one, to keep the baby in your room during the night.
  • Crib- This is one of the key nursery essentials. There's many different styles, at every price point. These are some of our favorites and we love using them in our nursery designs.
  • Fitted Sheets : There's a lot of cute crib bedding but all you'll need are a couple of fitted sheets to create the safest sleep environment for baby. Aren't these fitted sheets so cute?
  • Crib Mattress Pad: You'll need a couple of crib mattress pads like these ones to keep the mattress in tip top shape and protected from diaper leaks.
  • Changing table or Nursery Dresser: Every nursery needs a well stocked diapering station with either a changing table or dresser. When we are designing nurseries, we prefer to go with a dresser because it offers so much more space for storing clothes and diapering essentials. We also love the fact that it can grow with baby and transition to the toddler room, as well. Here are some of our favorites.
  • Changing pad/ Changing basket- You'll need a changing basketor pad to keep the baby on while changing diapers. Depending on whether you choose a basket or pad, you'll also need to get inserts or changing pad covers.
  • Nursery Chair- The baby's nursery also needs a nursery chair that's comfortable for long feeding sessions. These are some of our favorite nursery chairs.


  • Infant Grooming Kit- A grooming kit such as this one that includes everything you'll need from a cradle cap brush to a thermometer.
  • Humidifier- When your little one catches a cold, there's so little you can do, other than making the baby comfortable. A cool mist humidifier increases air moisture for easier breathing and helps relieve cough, cold, and flu symptoms and more. We love this cool mist humidifier.
  • White Noise Machine- Babies tend to get quite startled by noise and a white noise machine ensures that baby's sleeping does not get interrupted. We love this one which is a sound machine, a night light and you get to control it with your phone!
  • Baby Monitor- Being a new mom or dad can be stressful! A few gadgets can help put your mind at ease and a baby monitor is definitely at the top of the list. The Infant Optics DXR-8 with its innovative interchangeable lens technology is one of the best baby monitors.
  • Night Light
  • Baby Gates
  • Outlet Caps
  • Furniture/ TV Straps

  • Infant Tub- An infant bath tub makes baby's bath time less stressful by providing a safe spot to prop squirmy newborns and keep babies contained. We love this bath tub and this one.
  • Hooded Towels
  • Wash Cloths
  • Baby Body Wash
  • Baby Shampoo
  • Baby Lotion
  • Bath Toys
  • Bath Kneeler
  • Bath Toy Storage


  • Infant Car Seat & Base- A baby gear essential is a car seat and a base like this one.
  • Stroller- You'll also need astroller that's compatible with the car seat.
  • Stroller Accessories
  • Travel Crib- Thistravel cotis super easy to set up and fold.
  • Travel Fitted Sheets
  • Bouncer-A bouncer like this one features a natural rocking movement.
  • Shopping Cart Cover: A shopping cart cover like one is more important than ever!
  • Baby Swing
  • High Chair


  • Nursing Pillow: Anursing pillow helps to position the baby in the best ergonomic position for latching and breastfeeding.
  • Haakaa Manual Breast Pump: With over 50000 reviews on Amazon, this affordable little gadget is a mom favorite that lets you express milk using the power of just natural suction!
  • Breastmilk storage bags
  • 4 oz. Bottles
  • Dishwasher Basket: Abasketcan securely hold bottles and accessories in one place, making loading and unloading the dishwasher a breeze.
  • Bottle Brush
  • Bottle Warmer
  • Bibs


  • Coming home outfit
  • Newborn Onesies
  • 0-3 /3-6 M Bodysuits ( x 10)
  • 0-3/3-6 M Rompers (x 10)
  • 0-3/3-6 M Pants ( x 5)
  • 0-3/3-6 M Sleepers ( x 7)
  • Socks
  • Mittens & Hats


  • Diapers: As a new parent you are going to have a LOT of diaper changes in your future. Sign uphere for Amazon Prime, set up regular scheduled deliveries and save up to 15% withSubscribe & Save.
  • Baby Wipes
  • Diaper Rash Cream
  • Diaper Pail- A diaper pail keeps the nursery smelling fresh. This pail does a really good job of trapping the odor of dirty diapers.
  • Diaper Pail Liners
  • Diaper Bag: Venturing out with a new baby gets easier when you have a well stocked diaper bag. We love this stylish diaper bag with countless compartments for organization.


  • Rattle
  • Teething Toys
  • Play Mat
  • Mobile
  • Books


Insights, advice, suggestions, feedback and comments from experts

As an expert and enthusiast, I have access to a vast amount of information on various topics, including baby registries. While I have personal experiences or opinions, I can provide you with factual information and insights based on available search results. Let's dive into the concepts mentioned in this article.

Baby Registry Checklist 2022:

A baby registry is a list of items that expectant parents create to let their friends and family know what baby items they need or would find helpful. It helps avoid duplicate gifts and ensures that the items received are useful for the baby. Creating a baby registry is a common practice, as it allows others to celebrate the baby's arrival and contribute to the new parents' needs [[1]].

Benefits of a Baby Registry:

The article mentions several benefits of having a baby registry. Firstly, it helps prevent duplicate gifts and ensures that everyone is on the same page regarding what items have already been purchased. Secondly, it allows friends and family to know what baby items would be helpful and what the parents don't need. Lastly, it simplifies the gift-giving process by providing a convenient and organized way for people to contribute to the baby's needs [[1]].

Choosing a Place to Create a Baby Registry:

The article suggests considering various factors when choosing where to create a baby registry. Some factors to consider include the brands carried by the registry, price points, convenience, ease of use, shipping options, and other registry benefits. One of the recommended places to create a baby registry is, which offers a wide range of brands, competitive prices, fast shipping, and incentives for registry creators, such as a completion discount for Prime members [[1]].

Nursery Essentials:

The article provides a checklist of nursery essentials for setting up a functional, efficient, and safe baby room. Some of the mentioned items include:

  • Bassinet or Co-sleeper: A bassinet or co-sleeper is recommended for the first few months to keep the baby in the parents' room during the night [[1]].
  • Crib and Crib Mattress: A crib is a key nursery essential, and it's important to choose a safe and durable crib mattress [[1]].
  • Fitted Sheets and Crib Mattress Pad: Fitted sheets and mattress pads are necessary to create a safe sleep environment for the baby [[1]].
  • Changing Table or Nursery Dresser: A well-stocked diapering station with a changing table or dresser is recommended. A dresser offers more storage space for clothes and diapering essentials and can transition to the toddler room later on [[1]].
  • Changing Pad or Changing Basket: A changing pad or basket is needed for changing diapers, and inserts or changing pad covers may be required depending on the chosen option [[1]].
  • Nursery Chair: A comfortable nursery chair is essential for long feeding sessions [[1]].

Health-related Items:

The article includes a list of health-related items for a baby registry. Some of the mentioned items are:

  • Infant Grooming Kit: A grooming kit typically includes various items like a cradle cap brush and a thermometer [[1]].
  • Humidifier: A cool mist humidifier can help increase air moisture and provide relief for cough, cold, and flu symptoms [[1]].
  • White Noise Machine: A white noise machine can help soothe the baby and prevent sleep interruptions caused by noise [[1]].
  • Baby Monitor: A baby monitor can provide peace of mind for parents by allowing them to monitor their baby's activities remotely [[1]].

Bath-related Items:

The article provides a list of bath-related items for a baby registry. Some of the mentioned items include:

  • Infant Tub: An infant bath tub provides a safe spot for bathing newborns and keeping them contained [[1]].
  • Hooded Towels and Wash Cloths: Hooded towels and wash cloths are essential for drying and cleaning the baby after bath time [[1]].
  • Baby Body Wash, Shampoo, and Lotion: These items are necessary for keeping the baby clean and moisturized [[1]].
  • Bath Toys, Bath Kneeler, and Bath Toy Storage: Bath toys can make bath time more enjoyable, while a bath kneeler provides comfort for parents during bath time. Bath toy storage helps keep the bathroom organized [[1]].

Baby Gear:

The article mentions various baby gear items that can be included in a baby registry. Some of the mentioned items are:

  • Infant Car Seat and Base: A car seat and base are essential for safely transporting the baby in a vehicle [[1]].
  • Stroller and Stroller Accessories: A stroller is necessary for taking the baby on outings, and compatible accessories can enhance its functionality [[1]].
  • Travel Crib and Travel Fitted Sheets: A travel crib provides a portable sleeping space for the baby, and fitted sheets are needed for it [[1]].
  • Baby Carrier or Wrap: A baby carrier or wrap allows parents to carry the baby hands-free while keeping them close [[1]].
  • Bouncer, Shopping Cart Cover, Baby Swing, and High Chair: These items provide comfort, safety, and convenience for the baby during different activities [[1]].

Feeding-related Items:

The article includes a list of feeding-related items for a baby registry. Some of the mentioned items are:

  • Nursing Pillow: A nursing pillow helps position the baby for comfortable breastfeeding [[1]].
  • Manual Breast Pump, Breastmilk Storage Bags, Bottles, Dishwasher Basket, and Bottle Drying Rack: These items are useful for breastfeeding mothers who need to express and store breast milk [[1]].
  • Bottle Brush, Bottle Warmer, and Bibs: These items are necessary for bottle feeding and keeping the baby clean during feeding [[1]].


The article suggests including various clothing items on a baby registry. Some of the mentioned items are:

  • Coming Home Outfit, Onesies, Rompers, Pants, Sleepers, Socks, Mittens, and Hats: These clothing items are essential for the baby's wardrobe [[1]].


The article provides a list of diapering-related items for a baby registry. Some of the mentioned items include:

  • Diapers and Baby Wipes: Diapers and wipes are essential for diaper changes, and signing up for Amazon Prime can offer regular scheduled deliveries and savings [[1]].
  • Diaper Rash Cream, Diaper Pail, Diaper Pail Liners, and Diaper Bag: These items help keep the baby clean, manage diaper odor, and provide convenience when on the go [[1]].


The article suggests including various toys on a baby registry. Some of the mentioned items are:

  • Rattle, Teething Toys, Play Mat, Mobile, and Books: These toys can provide entertainment and stimulation for the baby at different stages of development [[1]].

Please note that the information provided above is based on the content you shared and the search results available at the time of writing. It's always a good idea to consult multiple sources and consider personal preferences when creating a baby registry.

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