10 Game Characters Who Totally Skip Leg Day (2024)

When it comes to taking a trip to the gym, leg day can be an absolute menace. If you’re like me and suffer from never-growing chicken-leg syndrome, leg day is just a cruel promise that has never come true while also providing days of "oohs" and "aahs" as you take steps up the stairs.

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There are plenty of video game characters who would be the type to skip leg day, they’d just never admit it to anyone. They’re all busy people, so it might be acceptable to some that they skip leg day, but not to me. If I must suffer, so too must the video game characters we all know and love.

10 Dan Hibiki

10 Game Characters Who Totally Skip Leg Day (1)

Doesn’t Dan just seem like the type? There are two potential options for the overconfident and mildly hilarious Street Fighter. One is that he’d actively avoid the day because it would interfere with his sick chest gains, and the other is that he’d simply forget about it because he was so sure that he was already buff enough to take on the world.

I like to think he’d be too concerned with his gains in other areas. Dan is definitely the type of guy who would schedule all of his fights to fall on leg day, something that can act as his excuse since he already technically got in some exercise. We all know a Dan, don’t we?

9 Nathan Drake

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I always thought that the near-perfect Uncharted's Nathan Drake oozed awkward dad energy, long before he was a dad. It’s that exact thing that makes me think he’d end up avoiding leg day purely because he’d be too nervous to potentially look like an idiot for not knowing what to do.

Everyone’s been in that spot, but he’d let it get to him, and he’d always just breeze past the squat rack. Realistically, he’d be the guy always hogging the rock-climbing wall at one of those upscale gyms, swearing that it was a solid leg workout as well.

8 Sonic The Hedgehog

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This entry does depend on whether or not you consider just running to be a leg workout, but we can all see Sonic’s legs. The hedgehog hasn’t performed a squat even a single time in his life. Even a couple of simple lunges would do him good, but he seems dead set on running with those stick legs.

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I can’t say much, I’m as sad as futuristic Milhouse when it comes to building calf muscles, but for how fast Sonic runs, his legs are just shocking. Maybe it’s all calculated. Maybe he doesn’t hit legs because he knows he’d become too fast and too powerful for anyone to ever catch up to him.

7 Sephiroth

10 Game Characters Who Totally Skip Leg Day (4)

Have you ever seen Sephiroth in the Wall Market gym? I didn’t think so, but I do know why he’d never go there, and no, it has nothing to do with him being evil. There’s no way the man doesn’t dedicate at least a single full day every week to maintaining his hair.

That is some majestic hair, and that doesn’t just happen overnight. I may be happy with my eighteen-in-one shampoo and conditioner and whatever else it can be used for, but Sephiroth has at least got to be using hair masks of some kind.

6 Commander Shepard

10 Game Characters Who Totally Skip Leg Day (5)

Commander Shepard is absolutely the kind of person who would do everything in their power to avoid leg day. We already know they can crank out over 180 pull-ups, so why would they even need to hit legs? As soon as anyone asked them about legs, they’d just hit them with a classic “I should go.”

Ironically, Shepard’s insistence on avoiding leg day would turn their legs into no more than big stupid jellyfish. But hey, the savior of the Milky Way can do what they want. At least they’d help their friends get a free membership, so long as Shepard pointed them to their favorite gym on the Citadel.

5 Rayman

10 Game Characters Who Totally Skip Leg Day (6)

Rayman has absolutely no reason to get in a leg day workout because he wouldn’t even be able to feel the burn. It would almost be like a taunt to the rest of the people at the gym.

I bet Rayman is an absolute beast of leg day because, for whatever reason, having feet attached to a floating body probably makes you able to squat incredible weight. Maybe his legs are just invisible, and they’re already massive. Who knows?

4 Pac-Man

I thought this was hilarious until I remembered that Pac-Man actually does have legs incorporated into his famous design. Then the whole thing made me laugh again when I realized the little guy has Sonic legs throughout most of his games.

The man may become an absolute ghost-eating phenomenon when he eats some cherries, but you know he’s skipped leg day every week for as long as he could go to the gym. Admittedly, the general shape of Pac-Man might make it hard to squat, so maybe he gets a little bit of slack.

3 Solaire Of Astora

10 Game Characters Who Totally Skip Leg Day (8)

Ignoring the fact that leg day probably doesn’t exist in the world of Dark Souls, The always iconic Solaire doesn’t seem like the type to go for leg day. He may be absolutely dedicated within the game, but he might just be a little bit too dedicated to the sun.

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If he couldn’t find the right gym with equipment by large windows, there’s no way he’d be doing legs. There’s no way to praise the sun if you’re stuck in the dingy corner of a dark gym.

2 Wario

10 Game Characters Who Totally Skip Leg Day (9)

Skipping leg day is downright villainous, so that means Wario is the type to skip it. Realistically, Wario is just far too powerful already, so it’s probably for the good of the Mushroom Kingdom that he doesn’t take on leg day workouts.

No one needs to feel the wrath of a Wario that’s packing perfectly formed quads. He’d be farting on his enemies and making them jealous of his immaculate calves at the exact same time. No one in the world needs to deal with the kind of boasting that Wario would serve up.

1 Tohru Adachi

10 Game Characters Who Totally Skip Leg Day (10)

There’s an old saying that you can’t trust someone who doesn’t do leg day, although that could just be what others told me to convince me to go through with it. Regardless, Persona 4 Golden's Adachi can’t be trusted, and I bet he doesn’t do leg day either.

The sleazy and lazy cop would probably just be hiding out in Junes the entire time. His lack of love for leg day is probably what makes his Persona 4 boss fight so ridiculously easy.

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10 Game Characters Who Totally Skip Leg Day (2024)
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